In the new world of remote and flexible teaching, many teachers have asked us how to best use learnON’s assessment functionalities. We hear you and want to support you. That’s why we would like to invite you to watch our on-demand webinar ‘Marking and providing feedback in learnON’ hosted by Sandra Duncanson, Jacaranda’s Humanities Publisher.

In this webinar, Sandra covers:

    • How do I know when there is something to mark?
    • Where do I find my students’ work?
    • What do all of the tabs on the Assignment detail screen do?
    • How do I mark my student work?
    • How do I provide feedback?
    • When and what will my students see when I have marked their work?

Watch it now:

About the speaker:

Sandra Duncanson is Jacaranda’s Humanities Publisher, and a former teacher.