We are thrilled to introduce our new digital subscription offer, the Jacaranda eLibrary, launching for 2022. This revolutionary resource package is unlike anything available in the market, offering unparalleled value for schools from just $75 per student. That means all teachers and students will have access to Jacaranda’s complete collection of Years 7-12 learning resources – for less than the cost of ONE traditional textbook.

Think of it like Netflix, but for classroom resources!

Watch our online launch event to learn more about this unbeatable new offer.

With the Jacaranda eLibrary, your school will have access to:
• Trusted content: access to our curriculum-aligned, award-winning titles on Australia’s most powerful learning platform.
• Simple set up from Day 1: set up for all teachers and students, LMS integration – let us take care of everything and save you time.
• Everything teachers need: videos, eWorkbooks, pracs, quizzes, assessments, reporting… everything you need for engaging lessons.
• Learning made visible: powerful analytics, real-time progress reports and year-on-year insights to support teaching and learning.

Wherever the learning takes place – in class, at home, .. all teachers and students at your school can rely on us. Remote or flexible learning? Sorted.
Want print? Easy – the eLibrary can also include options for purchase of any Jacaranda print text at the special RRP $30 per unit.

Watch it now:

About the presenters:

Shirly Griffith is Senior Director and Head of Jacaranda, and a former mathematics teacher of 18 years.

Clare MacKenzie is Jacaranda’s National Sales Manager.