At Jacaranda, we are passionate about HASS, and believe in the fundamental importance of fostering curiosity and critical-thinking – possibly now more than ever.

In this free, on-demand webinar: Igniting Students’ Passion for HASS, experienced teachers, Cathy Baron and Meredith Beaton, discuss:

  • The significance of HASS in the 21st Century
  • Practical strategies teachers can use to build curiosity and spark engagement
  • Promoting the importance of HASS skills as essential life skills
  • New ideas for teaching Civics & Citizenship and Business & Economics
  • Teaching about a rapidly changing society

Plus, see how the new editions of the Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences for WA series will help you engage your students and develop their essential HASS skills.

Watch now:

About the speakers:

meredith beaton headshot


Meredith Beaton is the Head of Learning Area at Rossmoyne Senior High School and has been a Head of HASS for over 10 years. She is Chair of the HASSWA Council and is studying for her Master of Education with a focus on HASS in the 21st Century.




cathy baron headshot


Cathy Baron is the Deputy Principal at Lakeland Senior High School and has been a HASS teacher for 27 years. She is a member of the Modern History CAC and HASSWA Council and has been a member of HTAWA for 15 years, with four years as President.




sandra duncanson


Sandra Duncanson is a Publisher at Jacaranda, who is currently working on the 2nd Edition of Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences for WA. Sandra is a registered secondary Humanities and English teacher and has over 15 years of experience.