unpacking the who's new strategic priorities

Late in 2018, VCAA announced it was making an update to the Health and Human Development Study Design (2018-2022), which will officially take effect from 2019. This change comes in response to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) updated 13th Programme of Work and their three new strategic priorities.

Since receiving this news, education professionals have been planning how they will include this in their 2019 teaching plans, and with Unit 4 fast approaching they will need to ensure this new content is addressed as their students will be assessed against it in their final examination.

That’s why our publisher of the new Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Health and Human Development series, Lucy McLoughlin, took a moment between cross-checking content and proofing answers to share her expert knowledge of these changes.

This free, printable teacher’s guide unpacks what has changed for the WHO’s strategic priorities and why and outlines the three new priorities and their ‘triple billion’ goals. We explain what new content needs to be addressed and what students need to know to prepare for their final examination. Plus, how the updated content (available now!) from the Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Health & Human Develop Units 3 & 4 title can support teachers and students through this change.

Download this free teacher’s guide by completing the form below and you will learn:

We hope you find this teacher’s guide helpful, and after reading it you feel more confident and prepared in addressing this update. If you are using or plan to use the Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Health & Human Development series, you can feel reassured as it contains the combined expertise of our passionate author team lead by Andrew Beaumont and Meredith Fettling – with Jacaranda you’re in safe hands!

The WHO's new strategic priorities:

Preview one of Jacaranda’s new concept videos, found in the new editions of the Jacaranda Key Concepts in Health and Human Development series!

In this video, Andrew Beaumont breaks down the new World Health Organization (WHO) strategic priorities.

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