Important notice: In response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, VCAA has announced they will delay the implementation of the 2021–2025 VCE Biology Study Design by 12 months. This means the current Study Design will now stay in place for the 2021 school year.

Jacaranda will also be delaying the publication of our new editions of Jacaranda Nature of Biology to align with the new Study Design accreditation dates.

the teachers guide to the VCE Biology Study Design 2021-2025

It’s that time again – the current VCE Biology Study Design period has come to an end, and VCAA have recently released the new Study Design (2021-2025) to teachers across Victoria. Although the new Study Design is still a year away, teachers are already beginning to plan for how to implement it in the 2021 school year.

In this definitive teacher’s guide, we explore the key changes between the old and new VCE Biology Study Design, which aims to give teachers and students a clearer path through the content and a bigger focus of key science skills. Our expert publishers also unpack the specific changes in the content, assessment weighting and the new requirements for SACs.  Plus, this free guide also provides an overview of the 4 key elements of the new Study Design.

With all this change, you may be thinking where do I begin? So, to help ensure Victorian Biology teachers address all the important facets of the Study Design in their teaching plans, we have provided 3 key considerations to begin planning for.

Download this free teacher’s guide by completing the form below to learn:

  • A detailed summary of the differences between the new and old VCE Biology Study Design
  • Specific changes to the content in the new Study Design
  • An overview of the key elements
  • Key considerations for teachers implementing in 2021
  • An introduction to the new Jacaranda Nature of Biology series and the passionate team of authors writing the new editions.

We hope you find this teacher’s guide helpful, and when you finish reading you feel more confident and prepared for the coming changes. If you are planning to use the Jacaranda Nature of Biology series, you can feel reassured – as it contains the combined expertise of our passionate author team, who are all specialists in their field and many of them practising VCE teachers. With Jacaranda you’re in safe hands!

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