the teachers guide to the NSW commerce years 7-10 syllabus 2019

Midway through the year, NESA announced the new Syllabus for Commerce Years 7 – 10, which will officially take effect from 2020. Since receiving this news, NSW schools have been busy planning how they will address these changes in the new school year. While NSW teachers are accustomed to changes in curriculum, managing a transition with such little familiarisation time can be a hard task.

That’s why our publisher of the new Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce 4e, Brent Ramsay, and our highly experienced author team, took a moment from preparing the new title to share their knowledge on the new Syllabus.

In this free, definitive Teacher’s Guide, we explore the main changes between the old and new Syllabus including the changes in content and its similarities to the Australian Curriculum. We break down the new structure, hours and course requirements, with extra tips and notes from our authors. We also cover off the key considerations teachers need to know going into the new school year.

With all this change, you may be thinking where do I begin? To help, Brent has provided his advice for how teachers can prepare now, and save time in the long-run. Plus, how the new Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce 4e title and its complimentary teacher resources have been designed to help you navigate these changes.

Download this free teacher’s guide to learn:

  • The differences between the new and old Syllabus
  • Key considerations for teachers ahead of the new school year
  • Brent’s advice on how teachers can best prepare for the changes
  • How Jacaranda’s new New Concepts in Commerce 4e title will support teachers through this change

We hope you find this Teacher’s Guide helpful, and feel more confident and prepared for the coming changes. If you are planning to use the Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce title you can feel reassured as it contains the combined expertise of our passionate author team – with Jacaranda you’re in safe hands!

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