the teachers guide to the new Queensland Senior Mathematics Syllabuses
By now, education professionals have begun planning for the new Queensland Senior Mathematics Syllabuses, which officially takes effect from 2019. While Queensland teachers are accustomed to changes in curriculum, managing a transition that is as wholesale as this can be an overwhelming task. That’s why our Director of Publishing and former mathematics teacher of 18 years, Shirly Griffith, took a moment between proofing equations and cross-checking content to share her expert knowledge of the coming changes to the new Syllabuses.

In this definitive Teacher’s Guide, we explore the overarching objectives of the new Queensland Senior Mathematics Syllabuses which aims to not only build student’s understanding of mathematical processes, but develop essential 21st century skills to ensure they’re prepared for life and work after school. This free guide also discusses the changes coming to the assessments, including what teachers need to know about the external and internal assessments.

With all this change you may be thinking where do I begin? To help ensure Queensland mathematics teachers address the important aspects in their teaching plans we have provided our 3 top tips on how to address the changes, plus outlined how the new Jacaranda Maths Quest for Queensland series and its complementary resources can help you navigate these changes.

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  • A detailed summary of the changes in the new Queensland Senior Mathematics Syllabuses (2019)
  • Our top 3 tips on how teachers can implement and address these changes
  • How Jacaranda’s new Maths Quest for Queensland series will support teachers through this change

We hope you find this teacher’s guide helpful and feel more confident and prepared for the coming changes. If you are planning to use the Jacaranda Maths Quest for Queensland series you can feel reassured as it contains the combined expertise of our passionate author team – with Jacaranda you’re in safe hands!

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