The 2017 Victorian Curriculum: what does it mean for your subject?By now, education professionals are aware of the new Victorian Curriculum (VC), which officially takes effect in school year 2017. While Victorian teachers are accustomed to changes in curriculum, managing the transition can be an overwhelming task. In particular, the 2017 Victorian Curriculum not only introduces several changes that apply across all learning areas, but a number of subject-specific changes as well.

The overall impact, therefore, will inevitably vary by subject. That’s why our Publishing team carefully reviewed the curriculum documents to clarify exactly what is changing in each individual learning area: Mathematics, Science, Humanities, English and Health and Physical Education.

To find out what the 2017 Victorian Curriculum means for your subject, download our fact sheet. This definitive guide will provide:

  • Summary of the key changes that all teachers must implement
  • Description of the General Capabilities
  • Outline of structural and content changes for each learning area
  • Insights from our Publishing team

We hope the fact sheet is a useful resource for teachers to gain confidence going into 2017. If you download our fact sheet, let us know what you think in the comments below.