The 2017-2018 VCE study design changes what does it mean for your subject
By now, education professionals are aware of the updates to the Study Design across numerous subject areas for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). While Victorian teachers are accustomed to changes in curriculum, managing the transition can be an overwhelming task. That’s why our Publishing team carefully reviewed the curriculum documents to clarify exactly what is changing in each individual learning area: Economics, Business Management, Physical Education and Health and Human Development.

This free guide will provide:

  • A detailed summary of the changes and what has stayed the same
  • Breakdown of the units and areas of study for each subject
  • How Jacaranda have implemented these changes
  • A list of the features and benefits for the series
  • Insights from our expert Authors

Download the VCE Study Design Factsheet for your subject below. We hope the Factsheet is a useful resource for teachers to gain confidence going into 2017.

VCE Economics Study Design 2017-2021

VCE Business Management Study Design 2017-2021

VCE Physical Education Study Design 2018-2021

VCE Health and Human Development Study Design 2018-2022