2020 has been a challenging year. This is particularly true for Victorian teachers and students, who have experienced huge disruptions with the move back and forth between in-person and remote learning. In response to these disruptions caused by COVID-19, VCAA released adjustments to the current VCE Study Designs for 2020. These changes come into effect effective immediately and will change the knowledge and content requirements for the final exam and makeup the final study score.

Since receiving this news, education professionals have been quickly updating their courses for the remainder of 2020, and with Unit 4 underway, it is crucial both teachers and students are addressing these adjustments, as they reflect what their students will be assessed against it in their final examination.

That’s why we asked highly experienced Jacaranda authors and teachers, Matt Richardson and Simon Phelan, to take a moment between teaching their own classes and updating the new editions of the Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management series, to share their practical advice and expert knowledge of these adjustments.

This free, printable teacher’s guide unpacks the changes in the VCE Business Management Adjusted Study Design for 2020. Our author team explains the key elements of changes and provides practical tips and ideas on how to address them with your own students.  They also break down what will contribute to students final study scores in 2020 and the recent updates to Jacaranda’s VCE Business Management resources will support you through this change.

Download this free teacher’s guide by completing the form below and you will learn:

  • A practical overview of the adjustments to Units 3 & 4
  • Expert tips on how to address these changes
  • The breakdown of students final study score
  • Three ways Jacaranda’s current resources will support you

We also outline how you and your students can get free access to studyON VCE Business Management Units 1 – 4 for the remainder of 2020. Reach out to your local Jacaranda Education Consultant if you’d like to take up this offer.

We hope you find this teacher’s guide helpful, and after reading it you feel more confident and prepared in addressing the 2020 Adjusted VCE Business Management Study Design. If you need any more support or have questions for our team, please reach out to your local Jacaranda Education Consultant today!

Want to learn more? Attend our upcoming webinar!

Join us for a free webinar: Teaching VCE Business Management in any setting – remote, mixed and face-to-face, on August, 20th at 4:30 pm.

During this live webinar, highly experienced Jacaranda authors and teachers, Matt Richardson and Simon Phelan, will answer your questions about:

  • Managing the COVID-19 disruptions
  • Implementing the Adjusted Study Design for 2020
  • Preparing students for the 2020 final examination
  • Ensuring current Units 1 & 2 students hit the ground running in Units 3 & 4
  • Curating contemporary case studies

Attendees will go in the draw to win 25 textbooks from the new Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management series for their school, worth $2,250!*

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