Stephen Chapman six classroom activities to engage students in Business Studies
Earlier this year we shared a guest post by award-winning teacher and respected author, Stephen Chapman, which outlined strategies for teachers to refresh their take on the Business Studies Syllabus (2010) – to re-engage students with the course content. We were thrilled so many of you read and loved the piece, that’s why we’ve asked Stephen to return with a part 2!

This time we’ve asked Stephen to share with you the activities he has tried and tested in his own classroom, which are designed to complement the content in the Jacaranda Business Studies in Action series. This is a free printable pack of classroom activities to add to your arsenal of teacher resources.

This classroom pack includes the following activities:

  1. Wordles
    Discover how equity and debt influence a business and its ability to operate.
  2. Speed dating
    A fun partner activity where students can test their understanding of business definitions.
  3. Modelling answers
    Using newspaper/magazine/internet articles and case studies to build a mind map and executive summary to model an answer to a question.
  4. Financial statements
    Using business examples, students get practice compiling revenue reports, balance sheets and cash flow statements.
  5. Let the negotiation begin
    A fun way to discover how enterprise bargaining operates between the employer and employees.
  6. You be the judge
    Understand the role of human resources management within a business.

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