Every student learns in their own way and at their own pace, and this is especially true for students learning mathematics. From speaking to thousands of teachers over the years, we know there can be 7 or more levels of ability in any one class. This means there isn’t a one size fits all pedagogy.

Differentiation helps teachers support students where they are in their learning journey – helping those who need extra support, challenging those who grasp concepts easily and everything else in between.

The Maths Quest Mantra

We love maths at Jacaranda and have been proudly creating Australian mathematics resources for the past 65 years. With many former maths teachers making up a part of the Jacaranda team, we understand the challenges you face in the classroom, from catering to the wide range of abilities to encouraging students struggling to get past their ‘maths anxiety’.

That’s why the Maths Quest series was carefully crafted around the ideal that no student is held back, and no student is left behind. This means every student – regardless of ability – can experience success in mathematics and progress through the content with confidence.

So if you are a Maths Quest user you have access to a huge range of different resources and tools to help you differentiate learning and support students to experience success in mathematics.


To help you do just that, we have created the How to differentiate using Maths Quest for Years 7-10 guide. Written by Shirly Griffith, Jacaranda’s Director of Publishing and former mathematics teacher of 18 years, it is packed full of ideas and tips you can try in your classroom right away. Inside, you’ll find:

  • How to differentiate using print and digital resources
  • Activities for practice, remediation and extension
  • Strategies to cater to different learning styles in a class
  • Creating customised tests based on ability
  • And much more!

Download the How to differentiate using Maths Quest Years 7-10 guide here or click the image below:

We hope this guide gives you some new ideas to help you differentiate for your students and you are excited about using Maths Quest in your classroom.

We also have a video which unpacks some of the resources we explore in the guide – watch it below!

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