Each year, NAPLAN results provide education professionals with insights into how Australian students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are preforming in numeracy and literacy. These insights arm teachers with knowledge that can be used to adjust their teaching plans to address particular learning gaps among individual students and cohorts.


   What’s new in 2018?

As you may already know, the NAPLAN assessment is set to move from traditional pen and paper to an online testing environment, and in 2017 3,500 schools across Australia trialled the online format. Although initial polls indicate students enjoyed the online format there have been further delays to the move to online testing. According to reports these reasons range from concerns about technical readiness from schools, glitches with the platform and teachers worried about the accuracy of “robot marking” for writing.

So what does this mean for NAPLAN 2018 and the online test? Select school across Australia will complete the online test, with the remaining schools completing the traditional pen and paper test – with all schools across Australia set to move online in the next two years.


   How Jacaranda can help?

If you’re seeking preparation tips for this year or simply thinking ahead to the future, complete the form below to download our free Teacher’s Guide to NAPLAN in 2018 and beyond. Topics include relevant findings and important considerations from the 2017 results, a three step process to get your students ready and advice for NAPLAN Online.

From all of us at Jacaranda, we wish all students and their teachers the very best for the test. Good luck!


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