free wallposters for your classroom plus ideas on how to use them

Gone are the days where students can only work from textbooks and printed worksheets. With today’s digital advances, learning opportunities for the modern student are endless and exciting.

Although digital may be the new priority for schools, we know there is and always will be, a place for print in the classroom. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the wall poster is a great way to brighten your classroom in a meaningful way.

Below are a few ways that the much-loved wall poster can help you and your students (and spruce up those white walls!):

  • Promote classroom culture: Use posters that promote the attitudes and culture you want to maintain in the classroom
  • Get everyone on board with schedules and events: Keep students up to date on what’s coming up at school
  • Share study tips: Highlight tips and strategies for getting the most out of their study. Check out some of our study tips here.
  • Use as a reference point: In every subject, there is always a topic that can be best represented visually. Try using a poster for topics like the elements, geographical maps, or times tables!

To kick off your classroom wall poster collection, we have a free A3 poster for Science and Geography. Click on the posters below to download: