Teachers all across Australia find themselves needing to quickly flip their lessons from in-person to remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Jacaranda, we understand that doing this is no small task so we set out to help. We started brainstorming about how we could support our customers and the wider school community to get through this challenging time. We recognised remote learning was completely new for many teachers, so we thought we’d ask a couple of experts to come and share their advice.

From this we are pleased to share with you two on-demand webinars ‘Expert Advice on Remote Teaching with Ron Barassi’ and ‘Using learnON for Remote Learning with Shirly Griffith. These webinars are perfect for teachers who want to learn really practical and valuable tips for how to teach their classes online during COVID-19.

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Expert Advice on Remote Teaching with Ron Barassi

The first of our webinars was Expert Advice on Remote Teaching with Ron Barassi. We invited Ron to join us as he is a current teacher at Virtual School Victoria and he has been teaching distance education for over 22 years’, so we asked him to come share his experiences, best practices and things he has learned along the way.

This made for a really practical session full of actionable tips and tricks that will help get you started. During the webinar Ron answered common questions around:

  • Managing your new school day
  • Setting ground rules for effective class management
  • How to prepare for class ahead of time
  • Delivering class activities and encouraging collaboration
  • How to set and manage classwork and homework

Feedback from the teachers who attended the live sessions was overwhelmingly positive and we were so thrilled we organised a webinar they found so valuable.

Using learnON for Remote Learning with Shirly Griffith

The second webinar was Using learnON for Remote Learning with Shirly Griffith featuring our very own Shirly Griffith, Jacaranda’s Director of Publishing and a former mathematics teacher of 18 years’. Although, like many of you, Shirly has never had to teach remotely herself, she has been working on digital learning resources for much of her career in publishing and knows our Jacaranda learnON platform better than anyone.

This webinar is perfect for anyone who is using a Jacaranda title with access to learnON and who wants to learn how to utilise the platform to teach their classes remotely. Shirly covers how to:

  • Access your learnON title
  • Create a class
  • Deliver an online lesson
  • Set homework and assignments
  • Mark, monitor and track student work
  • Share your own materials with your students

If you’d like more detailed webinars we have 31 pre-recorded sessions covering every aspect of learnON here.

We sincerely hope these webinars help you get ready for teaching your classes remotely. We are also supporting schools in a number of other ways here are just a few:

  • Not using Jacaranda? We are offering  free access to Jacaranda resources for their teachers and students for all of Term 2, 2020. We kindly ask that you submit one request per school to your local Jacaranda Consultant.
  • Using Jacaranda? We have put together the Online Learning Action Plan to help you get prepared for remote learning.

There is much more support on the way, so please keep an eye out for our emails and check our website regularly to keep updated.

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