Digital learning how it helps students develop essential 21st century skills
From social media to digital business to smartphones, the 21st century has brought with it a raft of innovations that are transforming modern lives, including the ways we live, work and learn.

Yet many Australian secondary schools are slow to reflect the new reality.

Today, many students – those who are still learning with 20th century resources and being taught using traditional, print-based methods – are leaving school unprepared for the careers and workplaces that await them.

That’s why this white paper argues that more educational leaders should begin or progress their school’s digital journey.

Download this White Paper to learn more about:

  • The digital shift and what it means for students during their school years and beyond
  • The state of the Australian educational landscape
  • How digital learning will help students develop 21st century skills
  • What challenges schools are facing when deciding to go digital
  • Why schools are choosing to remain with print
  • The costs involved changing to digital or sticking with print
  • Important strategies and priorities when making the move to digital learning

Download the Meeting the needs of the 21st century White Paper below.