Assessment Cheat Sheet for Queensland Senior Geography
Queensland schools are busy rolling out the new Queensland Senior Geography Syllabus, and as Term 2 begins, teachers all around the state are readying their Year 11 students for the upcoming summative assessments. While teachers are accustomed to adapting their teaching plans, incorporating a complete rebuild of the Syllabus along with a brand-new assessment structure and grading system (ATAR) is no small task. We know it’s a lot to take on, so we would like to support teachers through this transition.

Last year we shared a Teacher’s Guide to the Queensland Senior Geography Syllabus. This guide explored the overarching objectives of the new Queensland Senior Geography Syllabus which aims to help students build an understanding of the interconnectedness of ‘space and place’, develop strong geography skills, delve deeply into the factors that affect communities, understand world and humanity’s challenges and generate justified, evidence-based responses for community’s unique needs.  We were thrilled to hear that it helped so many of you through the transition, and that you wanted even more in-depth details on assessments to help you prepare, so we asked Sandra, Publisher of the Jacaranda Senior Geography for Queensland series, to return with the new Assessment Cheat Sheet for Queensland Senior Geography.

This handy guide breaks down all the important requirements for every assessment, internal and external, in the Queensland Senior Geography Syllabus. You will have, at your fingertips, everything you need to know about the assessment types, the topics being assessed, what percentage each assessment is worth, the examination structure, required case studies – and much more!

We know that awareness of the requirements is just step one. The next is understanding how you can effectively prepare your pedagogy and students for a successful QCE. To help guide your Term 2 teaching plans and beyond, Sandra has provided her top 4 preparation tips for assessment success, plus how the new Jacaranda Senior Geography for Queensland series can support you and save valuable time.

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  • All the important requirements for each assessment within the Queensland Senior Geography Syllabus
  • Our top 4 preparation tips for successful assessments
  • How Jacaranda’s Senior Geography for Queensland series will support teachers through this change

We hope you find this guide helpful and feel more confident and prepared. If you are planning to use the Jacaranda Senior Geography for Queensland series you can feel reassured – as it not only contains the combined expertise of our passionate author team, it also has been peer-reviewed by a line-up of Queensland geography teachers with significant assessment and teaching experience. With Jacaranda you’re in safe hands!

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