Literacy is a crucial skill needed in every subject in every school. To achieve success, students require the literacy skills to understand questions and tasks and express themselves clearly and logically in their responses.

We will help you learn about the importance of Whole School Literacy from literacy experts and teachers. The panel will explore:
• The importance of Whole School Literacy
• Why English teachers are essential in achieving this goal
• Why students need literacy skills to succeed in every subject
• How schools can embed literacy skills into their current programs
• How the Jacaranda English 7 and 8 resources support Whole School Literacy

Watch it now:

About the panellists:

Hayley Harrison is a former teacher who now works with schools to present, facilitate, and workshop literacy and curriculum development. She helps schools to uncover what Whole School Literacy means to them and how to embed such teaching and learning practices.

Leon Furze is the Director of Learning & Teaching at Monivae College with 10+ years teaching experience. He is also a council member for the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE).

Dr Emily Ross is a Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy and has extensive experience in curriculum implementation, supporting school leadership teams and teachers to implement some of the most exciting and cutting-edge curriculum initiatives.

Andrew Beaumont is a teacher at St Bede’s College and has taught H&HD since its inception. He is a Jacaranda author and is heavily involved in supporting fellow teachers.

Ashley Wood is the Head of Humanities at St Leonard’s College and has taught for 20 years. He is a Jacaranda author and was awarded the Colin Pearce Award in 2019.