Students have experienced massive disruptions to their education in 2020. These disruptions have been both a distraction and some gaps have emerged in learning. Teachers are now looking for ways to identify and address these gaps, while re-engaging and re-focusing their students. At Jacaranda, we want to support teachers and students to get back on track.

In response, Jacaranda hosted this free 60-minute webinar: Engaging English classes for every setting – remote, mixed and face-to-face. During this webinar, our panel of teachers, Leon Furze, Broady Kata and Tracey Ferguson, answer questions about:

  • Engaging students in the study of English in every setting – remote, mixed and face-to-face
  • Supporting incoming students after disruptions during Grade 6
  • Differentiating learning for students of all abilities
  • How to get students excited about reading – and other common questions from our recent webinar!

We also unpack the brand-new Jacaranda English 7 title and how it will help you differentiate learning, engage students and support your teaching in these uncertain times.

Watch now:

About the speakers:


Leon Furze has been a teacher of 7-12 English and VCE Literature and Media for over a decade. He is also a council member for the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE).




Tracey Ferguson headshot


Tracey Ferguson has been a teacher librarian for over 20 years, and continually engages students in YA literature, information and digital literacies. Tracey currently works as a Learning Specialist, a key position developed by the Department of Education and Training to work with teachers in the classroom to build capacity in the delivery of literacy strategies across the school.




Broady Kata headshot


Broady Kata is the Student Voice, Engagement & PBS Leader at Officer SC, an English teacher, and he received the Secondary Teacher of the Year award last year.





cristy kidgell headshot


Cristy Kidgell is a Publishing Editor for Jacaranda’s Humanities and English titles.