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In times of crisis, supporting a student’s wellbeing is as important as guiding their education. Here is Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg's advice on how to do just that.
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the teachers guide to the VCE Biology Study Design 2022-2026

The teacher’s guide to the VCE Biology Study Design (2022-2026)

The new VCE Biology Study Design (2022-2026) is being implemented from 2022, and to help teachers transition we've prepared this definitive teacher's guide.

5 strategies to tackle Maths anxiety in the classroom

Mathematics can be a stressful subject for students. We explore some effective teaching strategies to reduce Maths anxiety in the classroom.

Take a tour of Jacaranda's Maths Quest resources and our exclusive offer for NSW Government schools webinar thumbnail

Take a tour of Jacaranda’s Maths Quest resour...

Get a sneak peek at Jacaranda's newest initiative with Texas Instruments, the NSW Government Schools Maths Initiative in this on-demand webinar.

Teaching VCE Business Management in any setting webinar thumbnail

Teaching VCE Business Management in any setting...

Hear from teachers, Matt Richardson and Simon Phelan, on managing COVID-19 disruptions to the classroom & how to implement the VCAA Business Management Adjusted Study Design.

Igniting students' passion for HASS webinar thumbnail

Igniting Students’ Passion for HASS

Experienced teachers, Cathy Baron and Meredith Beaton, discuss practical strategies you can use to build curiosity in HASS during this on-demand webinar.

Engaging English classes for every setting Webinar thumbnail

Engaging English classes for every setting – remote, mixed and face-to-face

After a year of disruptions, our panel of English teachers give some tips and tricks to help re-engage students in English during this on-demand webinar.

Teaching advice for the VCE Business Management...

This handy teachers guide provides expert advice and practical insights for the VCE Business Management Adjusted Study Design for 2020.