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Jacaranda celebrates 50 years of the iconic Jacaranda Atlas with a ninth edition. For the first time, a hardcover atlas comes with learnON, marrying the benefits of print and digital.

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Ninth Edition
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The iconic Jacaranda Atlas celebrates 50 years with a 9th Edition. This hardcover edition features brand new content and, for the first time, comes with a complimentary learnON that provides 1:1 correspondence with the print. Students and teachers get the best of both formats in a single resource—high quality and award-winning print maps, plus interactive digital maps and tools. More than just a reference, the Jacaranda Atlas fully supports the curriculum at every year level from 7-12 and can be used to teach essential geographical skills.

Product suite includes:

  • Print atlas with learnON

ipad left Atlas-


A very visual and informative reference resource with brand new maps, graphs, diagrams and other non-text resources in a new design

Maps take centre stage: up to 40% larger, earlier in the atlas and include geographic conventions of border, orientation, legend, title, scale and source

learnON includes 50 interactive wall maps which enable personalisation and provide teachers with a powerful teaching tool to use in their classroom

New and updated curriculum-aligned case studies with questions provide teachers with ready-made content to enhance student learning

A statistical mapper allows students to easily and quickly map statistics so they can analyse patterns and associations

Teacher support through the eGuidePLUS
includes curriculum links,
supplementary background material
and suggested responses to all questions

Why use the Jacaranda Atlas?

Caters for different learning styles

For the first time, the Jacaranda Atlas provides a choice of print and digital formats, without compromising on content. Students and teachers can use the print atlas or learnON based on their individual needs or preferences, or the particular context.

Jacaranda atlas screen

Provides 50 interactive wall maps—at no cost

The learnON includes 50 interactive wall maps for teachers to demonstrate and use when using maps to teach from. Similar to the printed versions, the digital maps provide more opportunities for engagement and interactivity, without the issues of cost and storage/space. Students can click layers on/off, write on the maps and zoom in with the scale changing accordingly and remaining visible at all time. Using the drawing tools, teachers can highlight patterns to students, which is great for visual learners.

Jacaranda atlas screen distribution

Increases student engagement

The Jacaranda Atlas provides a visually stunning and information-rich environment to motivate students to develop key geographical skills. The online statistical mapper allows students and teachers to instantly create their own maps of selected world statistics or sort data to create their own graphs. Contemporary case studies (such as the disputed South China Sea, ewaste and population movements in Syria), and the ability to interact with, and personalise, digital maps not only increase students’ engagement in the material, but assist in the retention of learning.

Jacaranda atlas screen statistical mapper1

Saves time, money and space

The Jacaranda Atlas provides teachers with ready-made content through case studies that specifically address units in the curriculum (identified on each page by a “curriculum link” icon) to help with planning and preparation. What’s more, the combined hardcover and learnON provide incredible value for money and teachers save even more with the 50 interactive wall maps. These important resources are now digital, enabling teachers to demonstrate using maps without the cost and space issues of the printed versions.

Jacaranda atlas screen wallmapv

Discover the interactive digital resources that accompany the new Jacaranda Atlas 9e

Watch these five short videos to learn more about the exciting features of the new Jacaranda Atlas 9e learnON.

Want to watch the full 10 minute presentation? Watch the uninterrupted YouTube playlist here.

Navigating the new learnON

[1 min and 29 secs]

An introduction to Interactive Wallmaps

[1 min and 43 secs]

See a demonstration of an Interactive Wallmap

[4 mins and 29 secs]

An introduction to the Online Statistical Mapper

[36 secs]

See a demonstration of the Online Statistical Mapper

[3 mins and 27 secs]

Table of Contents

Topic 1: Exploring Places

Our World
Australia’s Neighbours
East Asia
Central Asia
West Asia
North America
South America

Topic 2: Investigating Themes

Water in the World
Place and Liveability
Landscapes and Landforms
Changing Nations

Topic 3: Developing Skills and Concepts

Developing Skills
Developing Concepts
World Statistics

Subject index

To view the full table of contents for the Jacaranda Atlas 9th Edition, click here


Title: Jacaranda Atlas Ninth Edition
ISBN: 9781394153084
Publication Date: August 2022
RRP: $50.00

The learnON is the electronic version of the student text that also includes a range of digital resources.

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Digital + Print

Title: Jacaranda Atlas Ninth Edition
ISBN: 9780730346104
Publication Date: August 2017
RRP: $75.00

The learnON is the electronic version of the student text that also includes a range of digital resources.

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Interactive Geography atlas for Years 7-10

myWorld Atlas takes the content of the iconic printed Jacaranda Atlas online to bring Geography to life.


How to buy

The Jacaranda Atlas 9e is available as a standalone purchase or as part of a value pack to suit the needs of all schools and individual parents. Purchases can be made direct from Jacaranda.

Prices and options are outlined below:

Individual purchase

Single titles
learnON + Print – $74.95
eGuidePLUS – $114.95

Value packs
Pricing from $114.95

How to purchase Purchase via the Jacaranda Shop. Payment is made over a secure connection.
Special offers Schools can purchase a class set of 25+ copies and receive a free eGuidePLUS.
Digital license durations All digital resources (learnON and eGuidePLUS) are subscription-based products and expire at the end of the licence duration for your purchase. To understand the duration of your digital license, please click here.