COVID-19: Online Learning Action Plan

Here at Jacaranda, we are very aware of the challenges and uncertainty facing Australian schools around COVID-19 and are putting steps in place to ensure our customers can continue to provide life-changing education to students around the country.

That’s why we have developed this Online Learning Action Plan. By following this 3-step plan, you will be able to deliver lessons, provide feedback and monitor your students remotely using your current Jacaranda 7-10 or VCE title inside the learnON platform.

If you need any additional support during this time, our local team of Education Consultants are here to help.

TIP: connect to your students in learnON ASAP.

Step 1: Connect to your students within the learnON platform

This step is essential if you would like to assign work to your students and monitor their activity remotely.

Once you have created a class and connected to your students, you can begin assigning work and questions (with immediate feedback) and instantly track their progress and activity levels.

We highly recommend – at a minimum – setting up your classes in learnON as early as possible.

Students need help joining your class? Share these simple instructions with your students. 

Important note: Before you begin setting up your classes in learnON, please ensure you verify your SCHOOL in your jacPLUS account details. Why? If you are not under the same school as your students, you will not be able to connect to them.

Step 2: Assign work and questions with immediate feedback

Once connected in learnON, you can create online tests or assignments using any question in the resource and instantly send them to your students.

Your students will also get immediate feedback and worked solutions/exemplary responses.

This will support their learning while you’re not able to be physically with them in the classroom and help reduce the amount of marking you will need to do later.

Step 3: Monitor activity and performance in real time

Once your students begin completing questions and assignments in learnON, you as their teacher will instantly start receiving data on their progress:

When students complete self-study practice questions (questions not assigned to them by their teacher). As their teacher, you will be able to view: how many questions they attempted, if they got it wrong or right and time spent on question sets and reading.

When students complete teacher assigned questions (tests or assignments assigned to students by their teacher). You will also be able to see all of the above, plus provide personalised written or voice recorded feedback.

Thankfully, with the help of learnON teachers have everything they need to deliver their lessons remotely. If you need any additional support during this time, our local team of Education Consultants are here to help.

Frequently asked questions 

I am using a printed textbook for my Jacaranda 7-10 title. Can I access the digital content?

Yes. Every Jacaranda printed textbook has a free digital access code on the inside cover. All you need to do is create an account on jacPLUS and register your code! If your book is secondhand, you can check if your code has already been validated here.

I am using eBookPLUS/eGuidePLUS for my Jacaranda 7-10 title. Do I have access to the learnON format?

Yes. Regardless of the format you have chosen, if you have a recent Jacaranda 7-10 title you also have access to the learnON platform. Watch this short video to learn how to access the learnON format of your title.

My school would like to be set up with SSO. Which platforms is Jacaranda affiliated with?

Our team is ready and waiting to help your school set up SSO with their Jacaranda titles. We can set up SSO with the following platforms; Google, Canvas, Moodle, ReadCloud, Campion, Endeavour Education, Box of Books and Five Senses.

Simply reach out to your local Jacaranda Education Consultant if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

Need more support?

We are here to help, so if there is anything else we can do you support you and your school let us know.