Jacaranda’s digital solutions have helped many Australian schools achieve their digital vision. Teachers and students alike have benefited and seen success in areas such as student engagement, accessibility and value for money. Read what our customers have to say.

  • Nathan Spurr, Teacher, Parade College

    Jacaranda has well-structured chapters, thought provoking questions, beautiful images and diagrams that help students engage with the topics. Their online resources are excellent and SpyClass is just so much fun!

  • Timothy Barklay, Teacher, Moree Christian School

    The quality resources available means I spend less time planning lessons and writing programs which means I have more time to dedicate to ensuring students are receiving as many educational opportunities as possible.

  • Braydan Wilson, ICT Coordinator, St John's Lutheran School, Kingaroy

    Students can never “forget” textbooks so teachers know that materials they need are with students every lesson. Knowledge Quest leaderboards motivate students to complete online tasks, extending learning beyond the classroom.

  • Kate Borger, Teacher, Brisbane Grammar

    Digital products are portable, give prompt feedback, link to the relevant resource. Jacaranda help desk responds quickly and appropriately. assessON reduces my marking and helps me monitor my students’ progress.

  • Peter De Audney, Head of Stage 4, Toongabbie Christian School

    My students with educational support needs have been able to flourish through the incredible range of interesting, engaging and diversified activities found within the Jacaranda digital products. Engagement equals opportunity.

  • Victor Dalla-Vecchia, ICT Manager, Loyola College

    Jacaranda is a valued education partner, with eBookPLUS and digital-first products providing Loyola College the perfect contemporary learning resources for improved student outcomes in our 24×7 online, iPad/BYOD learning environment.

  • Stefanie Morabito, Teacher, Salesian College, Rupertswood

    As a first year teacher, I was asked to teach outside of my methods. Jacaranda provided me with the knowledge and resources to give my students a fantastic learning experience!

  • Bill Murray, Teacher, Mentone Girls Secondary College

    They have helped me to plan and execute my lessons better, to use innovative teaching methods and to engage students more effectively while minimising planning time.

  • Karen Terry, Principal, St Helena Secondary College

    Having all the resources all in one place, at an accessible price, has enabled us to take the next step in revolutionising teaching through 1:1 learning.

  • Dale Sheppard, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, St Joseph's College

    JacarandaPLUS provides resources at students’ fingertips, especially on iPads. It’s interactive and engaging, cross-curricular and cross platform, and the content is relevant and current. Simply, the best value for money.