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Collaborative learning: Tips and strategies for...

Jacaranda explores how teachers can incorporate collaborative learning into their classroom and explains how collaboration is inherent in learnON.

Mark De Vries guide to implementing digital learning in schools

Mark De Vries guide to implementing digital lea...

Learn why Mark De Vries believes digital learning is so important for schools and how he has successfully implemented it in schools throughout his career.

3 steps to increase student engagement through video

3 steps to increase student engagement through ...

Jacaranda explores how to use educational video in the classroom, and how learnON incorporates video and interactive learning to increase student engagement.


5 reasons why learnON is so much better than th...

Still relying on the printable that comes with learnON? Here are five reasons to ditch the PDF and use learnON as your core digital teaching resource.


Are you ready for NAPLAN 2017? Download our fre...

Download our free Teacher’s Guide to NAPLAN 2017 and beyond to ensure your students are ready and perform their best during this important test.

teach with learnON

Teach with learnON: tips for your subject

To help you teach with learnON, check out our insider tips on how to get the most out of the platform for your teaching area.

How to get students to read deeply on digital devices

How to get students to read deeply on digital d...

With more schools going digital, it's important to focus on reading comprehension and ensure students learn how to read deeply on digital devices.


5 ‘to dos’ for the holidays to prepare for ...

With the school year for 2016 now officially done and dusted, it’s time to turn our attention to the 2017 school year. First - time for a celebration as all teachers will now be on holiday! Congratulations to you for getting through another year; we hope that it has been a successful one and that you’re now planning on having some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

The teacher’s guide to Term 4

The teacher’s guide to Term 4: six quick tips

To help teachers prepare for Term 4, Jacaranda has prepared a brief guide with advice on how to navigate the challenges of the coming months.

Group learning

We’ve found it: the right VCE/HSC study aid f...

Jacaranda has the perfect study aid for VCE and HSC students: studyON, an interactive and highly visual study, revision and exam practice tool.