Victorian Curriculum: Geography

The Jacaranda Geography Alive series has been updated to meet and exceed the aspirations of the 2017 Victorian Curriculum: Geography for Years 7-10.

Jacaranda is delivering brand new Victorian Curriculum editions on a brand new eBook powered by learnON. The result? Trusted Jacaranda content delivered in new and better ways to dramatically improve student learning outcomes.

Trusted Victorian Curriculum Geography content delivered in new and better ways

The new Geography title will be offered in three different formats including one print and two new eBook versions on the new learnON platform. The new eBook also includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and teacher notes — no separate eGuide purchase is required. To complement the Geography Alive series, the Jacaranda myWorld Atlas is available for Years 7-10.

Geography Alive 7 Victorian Curriculum

Geography Alive 8 Victorian Curriculum

Geography Alive 9 Victorian Curriculum

Geography Alive 10 Victorian Curriculum

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What is it?
Jacaranda’s new immersive eBook Everything in learnON plus teachers and studented are connected 24/7 for real-time collaboration and personalised feedback The familiar printed textbook that includes an activation code for learnON
Who is it for?
Schools starting their digital learning journey and those that are comfortable using eBookPLUS but appreciate a more seamless learning experience Schools that want to take their digital learning to the next level Schools that want or need the flexibility of a digital and print environment
How to buy?
Available through your preferred bookseller (as part of your booklist) or direct from Jacaranda (institutional license) Available direct from Jacaranda only (institutional license) Available through your preferred bookseller (as part of your booklist) or direct from Jacaranda (institutional license)

Content highlights

Both Jacaranda Geography Alive 7-10 VC learnON and Jacaranda Geography Alive 7-10 VC learnON premium feature the high quality, curriculum-aligned content that schools expect from Jacaranda.

Structured topics


Topics have been structured into subtopics that present sections or ‘chunks’ of content to suit classroom teaching practice

Concepts section


A Geographical Concepts section clearly defines and explains each of the seven concepts, with activities to help students develop and apply their understanding

Links to myWorld Atlas


Links are provided, where relevant, to case studies in the Jacaranda myWorld Atlas for teachers seeking supplementary content to develop deeper student learning



Skillbuilders, with videos and interactivities, provide an in-depth learning sequence to help students master more than 70 geographical skills across the series

End-of-topic reviews


‘Review and Respond’ end-of-topic feature allows students to consolidate knowledge, skills and concepts and demonstrate progress

An immersive experience


Reading content with interactivities and videos embedded at the point of learning

Platform highlights

Every title on the learnON platform comes with these powerful features out-of-the-box:

Everything in the one place creates a seamless learning experience, with access to many features in just one-click

Integrated videos and interactivities at the point of learning support and enhance learning

Students gain visibility into their own performance via a user-friendly dashboard and on-demand reportsd

Customisation features such as highlighting, notes and favourites enable a personalised experience

Students receive immediate feedback via worked solutions and auto-marking and teachers save time

Teachers gain visibility into student performance with continual access to all students’ activities

Premium feature

Teachers can intervene at the right time by providing immediate and personalised feedback to students

Premium feature

Collaboration enables a virtual classroom experience as students are connected to their teachers and peers

Premium feature

Premium customisation enables teachers to upload their own resources, create and assign assessments and much more

Premium feature

See the new Geography title in action

Click the buttons on the menu to cycle through each feature:

Embedded videos

Videos are embedded at the point of learning to allow students to gain an overview of each topic

Integrated interactivities

Interactivities are embedded at the point of learning to deepen students’ understanding of key geographical concepts and processes

Visual glossary

Visual glossary links allow students to select a key geographical term to see the definition of the term and, where applicable, an image to help consolidate understanding of the term

Google Earth links

Google Earth links help students quickly and efficiently locate and interact with key places that are referenced in the theory, from the Google Earth application

Interactive maps

Interactive maps allow students to manipulate map layers to help them identify and build up their understanding of geographic patterns, and create customised maps which can be saved as images

Interactive climate graphs

Interactive climate graphs allow students to compare and contrast climate graphs of places around the world with Australian capital cities


Discussion widgets mimic a typical classroom discussion, enabling teachers to pose a specific question or statement, and students to provide their view point and comment on others’ responses


Auto-marking of many questions means students receive immediate feedback, their progress is tracked and teachers save a considerable amount of time

Teacher feedback

Teachers can provide feedback to individual questions so students receive comments at the point of learning, and teachers can intervene at the right time


Jacaranda myWorld Atlas

Jacaranda’s unique digital atlas combines the content of the iconic Jacaranda Atlas with the latest online technology, including interactive maps, a statistical mapping tool and links to the three-dimensional Google Earth, to instantly engage students and provide an online environment for students to explore, test their geographical skills, gain instant feedback and create their own case studies.

The Jacaranda myWorld Atlas Teacher Edition provides teachers with individual student and aggregated class results from over 1000 questions that cover 50 key geographical skills and 200 geographical studies of trends, events and places around the globe.

The Jacaranda myWorld Atlas is fully compatible and optimised for all tablet devices including iPad.

GIS-style maps


Provides interactive GIS-style maps for students to create their own maps

Interactive globe


Each student’s globe comes to life as they progress through key geographical skills and case studies of amazing places and important events around the world

 Case studies


Many case studies are provided to allow students to explore and learn about topics, addressing key areas of the curriculum

Statistical mapper


An updated statistical tool for students to generate their own maps and graphs

Question bank


An interactive question bank to test student knowledge and understanding

Video footage


Includes stunning video footage from National Geographic and the ABC

For individual online purchases, click here for the Student Edition or click here for the Teacher Edition.


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