Victorian Curriculum

Experience the new Victorian Curriculum 7-10 on learnON, Jacaranda’s latest innovation

Combining trusted, high quality content with the new immersive digital learning platform, Jacaranda’s titles for 2017 deliver a better learning experience for Years 7-10 Australian students.

Surpasses the aspirations of the curriculum
  • Written by expert Australian authors for the Australian market
  • Best practice pedagogy presented in each subject area

  • Content development allows for personalisation
  • Enables differentiation so no student is held back or left behind

Depth and breadth of content
  • Carefully sequenced ideas to help build on prior knowledge
  • Activities that encourage curiosity
  • Opportunities for problem-solving, exploration and investigation

Engaging content
  • Visually stimulating and media rich
  • Easy to follow layout with intuitive navigation

New 2017 titles are now available on the learnON platform, with two versions to suit all Australian secondary schools. Learn more about learnON.
Product suite includes:

  • Titles on the new learnON platform
  • Print textbook and eBookPLUS (select titles only)
  • Teacher Editions
  • Digital-first products
Jacaranda Digital Bundle:

Providing 14 resources at one affordable price, the Jacaranda Digital Bundle makes it easy to achieve equity of resources for all students.