VCE Psychology

Our latest resources for VCE Psychology provide a clear and detailed pathway through the biopsychosocial approach of the new Study Design accredited from 2016-2021.

Now included with the text (Units 3 and 4)

studyON Student Edition

Jacaranda’s unique exam preparation tool studyON is now included and fully integrated with the text for Units 3 and 4, maximising every Psychology student’s opportunity for exam success.

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Now included with the text (Units 3 and 4)

studyON Teacher Edition

studyON Teacher Edition is the teachers’ portal: a powerful diagnostic tool that enables teachers to assign activities and monitor student progress for immediate insight.

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Psychology VCE Units 1 – 4



Experienced and highly regarded author John Grivas provides detailed and authoritative coverage of the new Study Design for Psychology VCE Units 1-4 in the new editions of his texts. Explanations of concepts and theory, underpinned by the latest scientific research, are presented in appropriate depth using accessible language. A wide range of learning activities is provided to support students in their processing of concepts and application of key science and research skills. This quality resource package will assist every VCE Psychology student to confidently negotiate the Study Design and maximise their VCE success.

Product suite includes:

Features and benefits

Chapter openers outline relevance to the Study Design, offering students a clear and detailed pathway through the biopsychosocial approach of the course

studyON_logoJacaranda’s unique exam preparation tool, studyON, is now included and fully integrated with Units 3 and 4, maximising every VCE Psychology student’s opportunity for exam success

Logical, sequenced coverage of research methods and key science skills guides students through this core component of the Study Design

Special boxes throughout the text allow students to engage with high-interest and real-world Psychology in theory and practice

End of chapter summaries, VCE-style tests and new learning checklists encourage students to revise and check their understanding

A wide range of learning activities enhance students’ application of key skills while encouraging in-depth understanding

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  • Content navigation

    content_navigation-psych_updatedEach topic can be broken down into sections for easy navigation

  • Resource menu

    resourceThe resources tab allows for quick and easy access to a range of available resources for each topic

  • Interactivities

    InteractivityInteractivities allow students to check their understanding of key content

  • Videos

    A range of videos visually explain concepts to engage students while encouraging in-depth understanding

Table of contents

  • Units 1 and 2

    Psychology: Introduction and research methodology
    Chapter 1 Introduction to psychology
    Chapter 2 Research methods in psychology

    Unit 1 How does brain development and function shape behaviour and mental processes?
    Area of Study 1:
    How does the brain function as part of the human nervous system?
    Chapter 3 Role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour
    Chapter 4 Brain plasticity and brain damage
    Area of Study 2:
    Why does psychological development differ?
    Chapter 5 Complexity of psychological development
    Chapter 6 Atypical psychological development

    Unit 2 How do external factors influence behaviour and mental processes?
    Area of Study 1:
    Why do individuals perceive the world differently?
    Chapter 7 Sensation and perception
    Chapter 8 Distortions of perception
    Area of Study 2:
    How are people influenced to behave in particular ways?
    Chapter 9 Social cognition
    Chapter 10 Social influences on behaviour

  • Units 3 and 4

    Chapter 1 Research methods in psychology

    Unit 3 How does experience affect behaviour and mental processes?
    Area of Study 1:
    Chapter 2 Nervous system functioning
    Chapter 3 Stress
    Area of Study 2:
    Chapter 4 Neural basis of learning and memory
    Chapter 5 Models to explain learning
    Chapter 6 Process of memory
    Chapter 7 Reliability of memory

    Unit 4 How is wellbeing developed and maintained?
    Area of Study 1:
    Chapter 8 Nature of consciousness
    Chapter 9 Sleep
    Chapter 10 Sleep disturbances
    Area of Study 2:
    Chapter 11 Mental health
    Chapter 12 Mental health disorders
    Chapter 13 Specific phobia
    Chapter 14 Maintenance of mental health

More than a study guide, studyON is an interactive and highly visual study, revision and exam practice tool designed to maximise every student’s opportunity for exam success. Now fully integrated with the Psychology VCE Units 3&4  text to provide an unrivalled combination of premium resources that enable students to reach their full potential.

Features and benefits


Concept summary screens provide concise explanations, supported by relevant examples that link back to the eBookPLUS

Students can practise VCAA and custom-authored questions on a particular concept, topic or the entire course, either online or offline

References to relevant pages in student texts provide additional information to fully explain concepts and hyperlinks provide quick access to relevant pages in the eBookPLUS


Includes VCAA exam questions from 2006 onwards, carefully selected to directly correspond with the new Study Design


Videos provide more information and visually explain concepts, helping students gain a deeper understanding


Engaging, hands-on interactivities provide students with instant feedback, heightening their understanding of on-screen concepts

Teacher Edition

studyON Teacher Edition is the teachers’ portal: a powerful diagnostic tool that enables teachers to track and assign activities and monitor progress at an individual, group or whole class level for immediate insight. Identify strengths and weaknesses of student understanding, and customise teaching for individual students or groups.

With studyON Teacher Edition, teachers can:

Connect directly to students, creating classes and custom groups


Assign practice questions, topic tests and sample semester exams for students to complete


Monitor students’ activity, drilling down to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

reportNEWReport on student progress and generate and schedule reports

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  • New Dashboard

    The new dashboard provides fast and easy access to the most frequently used resources, tools and features

  • Connect to your students

    Connect directly to your students, creating classes and custom groups

  • Assign activities

    Assign practice questions, topic tests and sample semester exams for your students to complete

  • Monitor student progress

    Track and monitor your students’ activity, drilling down to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

  • Report

    Generate and schedule reports on student progress

  • Easy navigation

    Easily switch between the student and teacher edition or access help, account information or your bookshelf using the new navigation bar


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