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The latest editions of Jacaranda’s Psychology series, written by John Grivas, provide a clear and detailed pathway through the biopsychosocial approach of the new Study Design accredited from 2016-2021.

A revised edition of Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 will be available in 2017.


Discover Jacaranda’s Psychology series

VCE Units 1 – 4
John Grivas

Experienced and highly regarded author John Grivas provides detailed and authoritative coverage of the new Study Design for Psychology VCE Units 1-4 in the latest editions of his texts. Explanations of concepts and theory, underpinned by the latest scientific research, are presented in appropriate depth using accessible language. The titles include learning activities to support students in their processing of concepts and application of key science and research skills.

See what’s new in the 8th edition of Psychology VCE Units 1 & 2, available in 2017.

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eBookPLUS The electronic version of the student textbook that also includes a range of additional digital resources such as videos, interactivities, links to relevant support material on the internet and downloadable documents, spreadsheets, presentation files and worksheets for easy customisation and editing.
eBookPLUS + Print The familiar textbook, which also includes an activation code for eBookPLUS.
studyON Jacaranda’s unique exam preparation tool, now included for free and fully integrated across the entire series. Available for Psychology VCE Units 3 & 4 only.
eGuidePLUS The teacher’s guide, which includes an electronic version of the entire student textbook (eBookPLUS) plus complementary and customisable digital resources designed for teachers such as printables, fully worked solutions, answers to all questions and practical activities, curriculum planners and teacher advice.



Renowned author John Grivas, regarded for his authoritative and research-based approach, ensures quality content that helps students maximise their VCE success

100% coverage of the Study Design, including late additions in Units 1 and 2, gives teachers confidence in their coverage of the Study Design

Current, logical and sequenced coverage of research methods and key science skills guides students through this core component

kq_icon_visibilityA wide range of learning activities (review, data analysis, media response, reflection) enhance students’ application of key skills while encouraging in-depth understanding

Jacaranda’s unique exam preparation tool, studyON, is now included and fully integrated with Units 3 and 4 to prepare students for their exams

Titles in Jacaranda’s Psychology series

Choose from two formats: digital only, or digital and print.


    Title: Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 8e eBookPLUS & Print
    ISBN: 9780730345978
    Author(s): Grivas
    Publish date: November 2017
    RRP: $94.95
    Year: 11
    Delivery: Student eBookPLUS with printed text



    Title: Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 8e eBookPLUS
    ISBN: 9780730346036
    Author(s): Grivas
    Publish date: November 2017
    RRP: $64.95
    Year: 11
    Delivery: Activation Code



    Title: Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 8e eGuidePLUS
    ISBN: 9780730345992
    Author(s): Grivas
    Publish date: November 2017
    RRP: $114.95
    Year: 11
    Delivery: Teacher activation code

  • Table of Contents

    Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 8e
    Introduction and Research Methods
    Chapter 1: Introduction to psychology Chapter 2: Research methods in psychology
    Unit 1: How are behaviour and mental processes shaped? Unit 2: How is wellbeing developed and maintained?
    Chapter 3: Role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour Chapter 7: Sensation and perception
    Chapter 4: Brain plasticity and brain damage Chapter 8: Distortions of perception
    Chapter 5: The complexity of psychological development Chapter 9: Social cognition
    Chapter 6: Atypical psychological development Chapter 10: Social influences on behaviour
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What’s new with VCE Psychology Units 1 and 2, 8th edition?

Available in 2017, the revised edition will incorporate changes reflecting the recently published VCAA Psychology Advice for Teachers, particularly to the mental health and research methods chapters. Updates include the integration of the 4P Factor model, advantages and limitations of all theories and research methods, more recent research and data on social media influences on behaviour, and strengthening of links with the Study Design through more explicit referencing.

The revised edition also addresses teacher feedback through the inclusion of the end of chapter revision features contained in VCE Psychology Units 3 and 4 6e, more learning activities and review of learning activity answers in the eGuide, closer links with relevant Units 3 & 4 content, and the reinstatement of some content from previous editions such as ways of combating prejudice.

Beyond changes to the content, a new design gives the text a distinctive and even more engaging look. Specifically, the learning pathway is improved through more prominent headers, there are distinctive colours for key features, and images are larger.

Choose from two formats: digital only, or digital and print.


    Title: Psychology VCE Units 3 and 4 6e eBookPLUS & print + studyON
    ISBN: 9780730328407
    Author(s): Grivas, Letch
    Publish date: December 2016
    RRP: $94.95
    Year: 12
    Delivery: Student eBookPLUS with printed text and studyON



    Title: Psychology VCE Units 3 and 4 6e eBookPLUS + studyON
    ISBN: 9780730334231
    Author(s): Grivas, Letch
    Publish date: December 2016
    RRP: $64.95
    Year: 12
    Delivery: Activation Code



    Title: Psychology VCE Units 3 and 4 6e eGuidePLUS
    ISBN: 9780730328391
    Author(s): Grivas, Letch
    Publish date: January 2017
    RRP: $114.95
    Year: 12
    Delivery: Teacher activation code



studyON now comes with Psychology VCE Units 3 and 4—free.

studyON now comes with all new Jacaranda VCE texts across seven core subjects (Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Health & Human Development, Physical Education, Physics and Psychology 3&4) for even greater value for money.


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Ballarat Christian School

“The name John Grivas is synonymous with Psychology. My bookshelf is filled with numerous editions, beginning some 23 years ago when I got my first Grivas’ textbook as a student.”

Sylvia Loader, Psychology Teacher

Siena College

“It is a reliable, engaging, and clearly written text that allows students to engage with a
subject they enjoy.”

Anita Galli, Head of Science

Greensborough College

“It is a must for every student who aspires for top marks.” 

Donna Osborne, Science Teacher

Glen Waverley Secondary College

John Grivas covers the new study design in a clear, comprehensive and accurate scientific format which provides both contextual focus and a rational biological basis to explain related theoretical concepts.”

Richard Phillips, Head of Science

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