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The new, digital-only editions of the Economics Down Under series include the latest statistics and economic analysis in an engaging new design that comprehensively covers the new VCE Study Design for 2017.

Economics Down Under VCE Units 1-4


The latest digital-only editions of Economics Down Under provide students and teachers with a comprehensive and current resource, set out in a clear and accessible format that is easy to follow and understand. Richard Morris is a highly experienced and successful author who, in this edition, provides insights into the modern Australian economy by exploring issues of interest in Economics through a wide range of relevant business examples and topical case studies.

Digital-only product suite includes:

  • eBookPLUS
  • eGuidePLUS Teacher Edition (Units 3-4)

Please note that there is no printed textbook for the new Economics Down Under.

Why digital only?

For the first time, the Economics Down Under series will be published as eBookPLUS (digital) only. The digital format means that critical updates to content (for example, data, statistics, etc.) can be published quickly and easily to ensure currency.

View sample chapters for Units 1 and 2 and Units 3 and 4.

Features and benefits

Content and structure directly align with the new Study Design for 2017, set out in a clear and accessible format – one chapter is devoted to each of the five areas of study, making planning and preparation easier

Select up-to-date statistics and graphs (including those for 2016) are included and can be updated as needed, providing ongoing currency as emphasised in the Study Design

The eGuidePLUS for Units 3 and 4 includes answers to all questions and a practice examination paper with solutions, whereas a topic search function provides a convenient and efficient way of finding specific information for research

Links are built into the terminology used throughout the text, directing students to an extensive Economics dictionary to help develop their Economics vocabulary

Interactivities, videos, weblinks, online content and additional worksheets provide further extension and alternative explanations of key concepts

Extensive multiple choice test questions and Applied Economics exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to help students check their understanding, as well as prepare for the structure of the final examination

Table of Contents

  • Units 1 & 2

    Unit 1: The behavior of consumers and businesses
    Chapter 1 Thinking like an economist
    Chapter 2 Decision making in the markets

    Unit 2: Contemporary economic issues
    Chapter 3 Economic growth, long-term economic prosperity and environmental sustainability
    Chapter 4 Economic efficiency and equity
    Chapter 5 Global economic issues
    Chapter 6 Economics dictionary

  • Units 3 & 4

    Unit 3: Australia’s economic prosperity
    Chapter 1 Introduction to microeconomics: the market system, resource allocation and government intervention
    Chapter 2 Domestic macroeconomic goals
    Chapter 3 Australia and the world economy

    Unit 4: Managing the economy
    Chapter 4 Aggregate demand policies and domestic economic stability
    Chapter 5 Aggregate supply policies
    Chapter 6 End-of-year examination
    Chapter 7 Economics dictionary


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