NSW Australian curriculum: Science

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The Core Science series nurtures curiosity and encourages inquiry by combining quality content with engaging digital resources.

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The perfect companion to the Core Science series, this online tool lets teachers create and assign assessments and provides students with instant feedback.

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Core Science 4 and 5 for the NSW Australian curriculum eBookPLUS

Core Science Stage 4 and Stage 5 for the NSW Australian curriculum feature in-depth coverage of essential and additional NSW Science syllabus and exciting enhancements that support the learning needs of all students. By providing a full range of lower to higher order activities, Core Science presents opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding and skills as they develop throughout the year.

Designed exclusively for teachers, the eGuidePLUS combines the student eBookPLUS with full teacher support to reduce lesson planning time and help navigate the curriculum. The range of resources includes work programs for every chapter, curriculum grids, a complementary suite of digital resources and fully customisable Skillsheets, WorkSheets and chapter tests.

Quality content

New topic units provide an engaging and detailed coverage of Science concepts

New ‘Science as a Human Endeavour’ units in each chapter provide high-interest content that link with the curriculum strand

Investigations provided in context offer a complete practical program for Stage 4 (150 investigations) and Stage 5 (80 investigations)

Open ended, focus activities for every chapter enable students to demonstrate the understanding they have developed

Engaging digital resources

Over 100 worksheets to engage and extend understanding

Videos featuring real scientists and real-world science

Interactivities to help students investigate concepts plus focus activities for every chapter

Unique ICT-based projects that use an innovative research management system

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assessON Core Science 4 and 5 for the NSW Australian curriculum

The perfect complement to the Science Quest series, assessON is a powerful online assessment tool that enables students to complete and submit tests, homework tasks and practice exams online. Now, students can check their readiness to start a new topic, review their progress during the topic and check their achievement when you finish the topic.

With assessON Student Edition, students can:

Easily create assessment tasks for extra revision or test and exam practice

Answer a variety of question types, all of which are relevant to the subject

Receive instant feedback via automatic marking and worked solutions

View easy-to-follow reports to monitor their progress

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Teacher Edition

assessON Core Science 4 and 5 for the NSW Australian curriculum Teacher Edition

assessON Teacher Edition (which includes the Student Edition) is the teachers’ portal: an online assessment tool that is completed aligned to the Science Quest series and designed to support assessments FOR, AS and OF learning in the context of the curriculum.

With assessON Teacher Edition, teachers can:

Set up classes and other groups

Schedule assessments, revision and homework tasks that are automatically marked and recorded

Track the progress and performance of students at the individual, group or whole class level

Identify individual student strengths and weaknesses

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Get this entire suite of digital products as part of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle

Combining 14 resources across eight core subjects in Years 7-10, the Jacaranda Digital Bundle: NSW Australian curriculum provides unmatched value for money, straightforward implementation, ongoing support and powerful analytics.