PDHPE for the NSW Syllabus

The Active Outcomes series is available in print and digital formats to meet the needs of all schools.

Discover the Active Outcomes series

The Active Outcomes series for students in Years 7-10 structures learning in an innovative way by solving key challenges, such as ensuring students are engaged and motivated to become healthy and active, incorporating current, real-world Personal Development, Health and Physical Education examples in the classroom and simplifying planning, learning and assessing for teachers.

The series is available in print and digital (eBookPLUS) formats. Designed exclusively for teachers, the eGuidePLUS combines the student eBookPLUS with full teacher support to reduce lesson planning time and help navigate the curriculum. The range of resources includes work programs for every chapter, curriculum grids, a complementary suite of digital resources and fully customisable Skillsheets, worksheets and chapter tests.

Active Outcomes 1 PDHPE Stage 4 2e


Active Outcomes 2 PDHPE Stage 5 2e


Curriculum-aligned content for PDHPE 7-10

The Active Outcomes series provides provides comprehensive coverage of the NSW PDHPE 7–10 Syllabus.

Complete coverage of the PDHPE Syllabus broken down into key concept units (highly digestible, lesson-based sections)

Engage panel at the start of each section with weblinks, interactivities, worksheets or questions to promote discussion and engagement

An activity-focused section for each lesson to ensure that students are ‘learning from doing’

Check and challenge questions for each section, plus summary and review questions at the end of every chapter

Engaging digital resources

Active Outcomes 1 PDHPE Stage 4 2e eBookPLUS and Active Outcomes 2 PDHPE Stage 5 2e eBookPLUS include a range of multimedia assets and digital resources to engage students.

Videos to engage students and bring Health and PE activities to life

Interactivities to enhance understanding through hands-on experience

Downloadable worksheets (Word documents) for easy customisation

ICT projects that provide opportunities for creativity, research and teamwork

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How to buy

The Active Outcomes series is available as a standalone purchase or as part of the Jacaranda Bundle plus (a package of 10+ premium digital resources) to suit the needs of all schools and individual parents.

Purchases can be made direct from Jacaranda or through a bookseller. Prices and options are outlined below:

Individual purchase Institutional license

Active Outcomes 1 PDHPE Stage 4 2e

Print + eBookPLUS – $84.95

eBookPLUS – $54.95

eGuidePLUS – $117.95

Active Outcomes 2 PDHPE Stage 5 2e

Print + eBookPLUS – $84.95

eBookPLUS – $54.95

eGuidePLUS – $114.95

Titles in the Active Outcomes series are available as a standalone purchase or as part of the Jacaranda Bundle plus for Years 7-10.

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