NSW Syllabus Geography

Jacaranda Geoactive for NSW

New titles for 2017:

Jacaranda Geoactive 1 NSW AC Geography Stage 4
Jacaranda Geoactive 2 NSW AC Geography Stage 5

Jacaranda SkillBuilder

SkillBuilder is Jacaranda’s unique, interactive reference resource that sequentially develops more than 70 geographical skills.

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Jacaranda myWorld Atlas

The Jacaranda myWorld Atlas instantly engages students by bringing the world to life in 3-D.

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Jacaranda Geoactive creates a better world for teachers and learners

The latest editions have been fully updated to meet the requirements of NSW Geography K-10 Syllabus. The objectives of the new Geography Syllabus are comprehensively addressed in a proven approach that is both engaging and authoritative so teachers can have complete confidence in their coverage of the curriculum and help students reach their full potential.

Product suite includes:


Jacaranda Geoactive 1 Stage 4

  • Print + Digital

    Title: Jacaranda Geoactive 1 NSW AC Edition Stage 4 eBookPLUS & Print
    ISBN: 9780730330325
    Author(s): Swanson, Gray, Bowden, Harrison, Govers, Newman
    Publish date: December 2016
    RRP: $79.95
    Year: 7-8
    Delivery: Student text

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  • Digital

    Title: Jacaranda Geoactive 1 NSW AC Edition Stage 4 eBookPLUS
    ISBN: 9780730330363
    Author(s): Swanson, Gray, Bowden, Harrison, Govers, Newman
    Publish date: December 2016
    RRP: $49.95
    Year: 7-8
    Delivery: Activation code

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Jacaranda Geoactive 2 Stage 5

  • Print + Digital

    Title: Jacaranda Geoactive 2 NSW AC Edition Stage 5 eBookPLUS & Print
    ISBN: 9780730330271
    Author(s): Swanson, Gray, Bowden, Harrison, Govers, Newman
    Publish date: December 2016
    RRP: $79.95
    Year: 9-10
    Delivery: Student text

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  • Digital

    Title: Jacaranda Geoactive 2 NSW AC Edition Stage 5 eBookPLUS
    ISBN: 9780730330318
    Author(s): Swanson, Gray, Bowden, Harrison, Govers, Newman
    Publish date: December 2016
    RRP: $49.95
    Year: 9-10
    Delivery: Activation code

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Features and benefits

Robust content integrated with a wide and varied range of engaging digital and media resources provide teachers with the tools to deliver the best learning experience possible.

Geographical tools and inquiry skills


Introducing  Jacaranda SkillBuilder, the ultimate skill development resource. Each chapter has two or more SkillBuilders, which develop students’ geographical skills in context of the content covered. Each SkillBuilder is supported by an engaging video which demonstrates the skill, and an interactivity which allows students to practise a key part of the skill being presented.

on fieldwork


Focus on fieldwork’ features are included in every chapter, providing students and teachers with ample advice and suggestions for data collection and using fieldwork instruments and techniques within the classroom, school or in the local environment.

Teaching Program for every chapter


eGuidePLUS contains a BOSTES template Teaching Program for every chapter to reduce lesson planning time, as well as comprehensive teaching and assessment advice, weblinks and Syllabus Outcomes links to help teachers implement the new Geography Syllabus.

Investigating topographic maps


One full-page topographic map and associated exercises are included for every topic, allowing students to develop a range of essential mapping skills.


Scaffolded worksheets for every chapter


New worksheets have been designed to consolidate learning for students with learning support needs (including Life Skills students). Each worksheet is mapped to a life skill outcome. These worksheets can also be used by all students as summary worksheets for each section, collectively worked to revise key content knowledge and understanding at the end of a topic.

Case studies and updated statistics


Brand new, up-to-date case studies have been carefully selected and written for the new curriculum and to enhance student engagement. In addition, each chapter has links (in the eBookPLUS) to case studies in the Jacaranda myWorld Atlas for teachers seeking supplementary content to deepen student learning.

ProjectsPLUS develops inquiry skills


The Fieldwork Inquiry and Geographical Inquiry ProjectPLUS guides students through creative projects to provide an engaging way of developing inquiry skills through collaborative learning.

100s of interactivities, videos and links


A comprehensive range of interactivities, videos, weblinks, extended writing tasks, online content and worksheets are integrated with the content to further engage students and enhance their capacity for independent learning, enabling all students to reach their full potential.

stimulating images


An abundance of visually stimulating images have been included throughout the series to engage students, plus an easy to follow layout that carefully integrates content, outcomes and skills has been designed to simplify lesson planning for teachers.

Media gallery


    Each topic can be broken down into sections for easy navigation


    The resources tab allows for quick and easy access to a range of available resources for each topic


    Interactivities allow students to check their understanding of key content


    Specially commissioned videos provide an engaging way of introducing, and providing an overview of, each topic


    Links to Jacaranda myWorld Atlas are integrated throughout, providing supplementary content that deepens student understanding


    A minimum of two Jacaranda SkillBuilders are included for each topic



Interactive Geography atlas for Years 7-10

myWorld Atlas takes the content of the iconic printed Jacaranda Atlas online to bring Geography to life.


Table of contents

Jacaranda SkillBuilder

SkillBuilder is Jacaranda’s unique, comprehensive reference resource that sequentially develops students’ geographical skills. For every topic, two SkillBuilders progress learning through a Tell me, Show me, Let me do it sequence. Each lesson is supported by an engaging interactivity and video, which explain and model the steps for more than 70 geographical skills across the series.


    SkillBuilder content is easy and quick to navigate


    Each skill is clearly defined, its importance is explained and a model is provided


    A clear step-by-step recipe approach supported by a video to visually explain the process


    An opportunity to apply the skill, plus interactivities and questions to reinforce learning


    Interactivities support the application of the skill in an engaging way that enhances the learning experience


    Videos visually explain and model the steps in the process for each skill

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