NSW Australian curriculum: English

Digital product suite includes:


The English is… series offers an exciting and authoritative approach to the English syllabus of the NSW Australian curriculum.

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An immersive, motivating and highly visual educational digital resource that features curriculum-aligned content to help students learn and master essential English skills.

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English is… 7-10 for the NSW Australian curriculum eBookPLUS

Inspire your students to have a deep and lasting connection with language and literature. In English is…, each unit is structured to inquire into ‘big ideas’ or concepts that underpin the study of English, leading students through a set of differentiated activities.

Designed exclusively for teachers, the eGuidePLUS combines the student eBookPLUS with full teacher support to reduce lesson planning time and help navigate the curriculum. The range of resources includes work programs for every chapter, curriculum grids, a complementary suite of digital resources and fully customisable Skillsheets, WorkSheets and chapter tests.

Quality content

Full coverage of the curriculum content descriptions allows students to achieve year level standards

Differentiated activities provide all students with an entry point to the texts

Mini-workshops drill down to teach key skills in a Tell me, Show me, Let me do it process

Language, Literature and Literacy links connect to the curriculum content descriptions

Engaging digital resources

New Australian video series written by Robert Greenberg (who wrote the TV series Round the Twist)

Interactivities to help students explore the craft of writing

Links to Knowledge Quest online game quests

Unique ICT-based projects that use an innovative research management system

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    ebook main screen

  • Resources menu


  • Interactivities


  • Videos


  • ProjectsPLUS


  • Quality Content

    Quality Content

  • Chapter Menus

    Chapter Menus

  • Digital Documents

    Digital Documents

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Knowledge Quest English 1 and 2

In this award-winning online English skillbuilder game, students can leave the classroom behind as they enter a world where learning is fun and knowledge is rewarded. Students create their own character and progress at their own pace, gaining rewards through quest-based gameplay linked to educational concepts.

Knowledge Quest Teacher Edition enables teachers to monitor student activity in the online game and student workbook, and view students’ results at an individual, group or whole class level. It also includes a complementary set of targeted digital resources.


minutes of video tutorials


skill mastery questions


graded interactive activities


monsters to duel

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  • Curriculum-aligned learning

    Curriculum Areas

    Covers essential skills from the Language and Literacy strands of the Australian Curriculum and aligns directly with the English Is… series

  • Two gameplay modes

    Choose Gameplay Modes

    Choose from two modes to suit your time and content needs

  • Monster duels

    Monster battles

    Monster duels present an exciting way to teach and reinforce students’ understanding in areas such as spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • NAPLAN-style quizzes


    Skillmastery sections at the end of each mission test students knowledge in a NAPLAN-style, multiple choice format

  • Interactive gameplay

    Interactive Gameplay

    Students are engaged through a visually stimulating narrative and gameplay

  • Customisable characters

    Customise characters

    Students create their own character that they can build on as they progress through the game

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Combining 14 resources across eight core subjects in Years 7-10, the Jacaranda Digital Bundle: NSW Australian curriculum provides unmatched value for money, straightforward implementation, ongoing support and powerful analytics.