NSW Australian curriculum: Commerce

New Concepts in Commerce 7-10 for the NSW Australian curriculum 3E eBookPLUS

Featuring an expanded e-commerce section, new and updated case studies and digital resources, New Concepts in Commerce NSW 3rd Edition covers the four core and 11 optional topics from the Commerce Syllabus in the NSW Australian curriculum. Engaging, up-to-date and detailed content is suitable for a range of student abilities.

Designed exclusively for teachers, the eGuidePLUS combines the student eBookPLUS with full teacher support to reduce lesson planning time and help navigate the curriculum. The range of resources includes work programs for every chapter, curriculum grids, a complementary suite of digital resources and fully customisable Skillsheets, WorkSheets and chapter tests.

Quality content

Syllabus applicability, currency, accuracy, high-interest and relevance to students’ lives

Updated economic data along with coverage of the Global Financial Crisis and European Debt Crisis

Case studies (including new civil and criminal case studies) with linked activities in both core and optional topics make the world of commerce come alive for students

New content on e-commerce includes online shopping, m-commerce and use of financial and shopping-related apps

Glossary terms and definitions in context, use of dot points, graphic or visual displays, and careful grading of activities enable differentiation

Engaging digital resources

Four ICT projects, with engaging video briefs presented by industry professionals

Videos and interactivities for core chapters

Student worksheets for elective topics

Weblinks to relevant support material on the internet

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