New Concepts in Commerce

Bringing the world of commerce alive with content and case studies designed to engage every student while ensuring teachers can teach their way.

A new edition of New Concepts in Commerce will be released in 2020 to reflect the incoming Syllabus changes.

What problems are we helping to solve?

We listened, we heard teachers wanted:

Contemporary and engaging case studies – currency is important.



To cater for the full range of students in the Commerce classroom – the large middle band, those that need more assistance and those that thirst for more.

Topics that young people are interested in including consumer, legal and business issues – we need to nurture and fan the flames of this interest, not kill them!

How are we addressing these needs?

Perfectly aligned to the Syllabus

The series provides 100% coverage of the current Syllabus, with every single word from the curriculum explicitly covered.

NSW NCIC 3e Screengrabs Syllabus Alignment
New Concepts In Commerce 3e Accessibility Screengrabs

Accessible for every student

Activities organised from lower to higher levels of complexity – plus challenge opportunities for those thirsting for more.

Supporting teachers to teach their way

A rich bank of teacher support material including detailed syllabus and teacher notes, additional activities, teaching and learning programs

Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce
  • Series features

    The current editions of the Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce include these key features:

    • Syllabus applicability, currency, accuracy, high-interest and relevance to students’ lives
    • Case studies with linked activities in both core and option tpics make the world of commerce come alive for students
    • Extensive content on e-commerce includes online shopping, m-commerce and use of financial and shopping-related apps
    • Material on Fair Work Australia, changing work patterns, modern awards, National Employment Standards and legal issues in the workplace
    • Civil and criminal case studies
    • Updated economic data along with coverage of the Global Financial Crisis and European Debt Crisis
    • Includes children’s advertising, invasion of privacy, Coca-Cola target markets and targeted product range, and advertising
    • Glossary terms and definitions in context, use of dot points, graphic or visual displays, and careful grading of activities allow for differentiation of learning

  • Formats

    Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


    Printed textbook with free digital code inside


    The eBookPLUS is electronic version of the student text that also includes a range of digital resources


    The eGuidePLUS includes everything from the eBookPLUS plus additional resources designed for teachers


    Downloadable PDFs available with eBookPLUS

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  • Offers and complementary products



    Jacaranda Digital Bundle

    Get Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce as part of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle – a high quality digital learning package of 10+ engaging resources that comes with dedicated training and support, making it easy for schools to start or progress their digital learning journey.


Jacaranda's New Concepts in Commerce

Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce is available in a print with digital or digital-only format to allow teachers to teach their class, their way.

  • Print + eBookPLUS

    New concepts in commerce third edition

    Title: Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce 3e Print & eBookPLUS
    ISBN: 9781118401040
    Author(s): Chapman, Freak
    Publish date: October 2012
    RRP: $79.95
    Year: 7 – 10
    Delivery: Printed text with free eBookPLUS code


  • eBookPLUS

    New concepts in commerice 3e digital

    Title: Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce 3e eBookPLUS
    ISBN: 9781118401002
    Author(s): Chapman, Freak
    Publish date: December 2012
    RRP: $50.95
    Year: 7 – 10
    Delivery: Activation code for eBookPLUS


  • eGuidePLUS

    NCIC 3e eGuidePLUS

    Title: Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce 3e eGuidePLUS
    ISBN: 9781118400982
    Author(s): Chapman, Freak
    Publish date: December 2012
    RRP: $114.95
    Year: 7 – 10
    Delivery: Activation code for eGuidePLUS


Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce 3e
Chapter 1: Consumer choice Chapter 9: Towards independence
Chapter 2: Personal finance Chapter 10: Political involvement
Chapter 3: Law and society Chapter 11: Travel
Chapter 4: Employment issues Chapter 12: The law in action
Chapter 5: Investing Chapter 13: Our economy
Chapter 6: Promoting and selling Chapter 14: Community participation
Chapter 7: E-commerce Chapter 15: Running a small business
Chapter 8: Global links