Australian Curriculum: Mathematics

Digital product suite includes:

(YEARS 7-10)

Available as a familiar eBookPLUS, the Maths Quest series provides new opportunities to engage students.

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The Maths Quest series for Years 7-8 is now available on the learnON platform for a better learning experience.

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Everything in Jacaranda Mathematics learnON plus even more features to transform teaching and learning.

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(YEARS 7-10)

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(YEARS 7-8)

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Maths Quest 7-10A for the Australian Curriculum 2E eBookPLUS

A pronounced improvement on the already highly regarded Maths Quest 7-10A Australian Curriculum Mathematics series, the Second Editions feature improvements based on in-depth research and feedback from practicing teachers of Mathematics.

Designed exclusively for teachers, the eGuidePLUS combines the student eBookPLUS with full teacher support to reduce lesson planning time and help navigate the curriculum. The range of resources includes work programs for every chapter, curriculum grids, a complementary suite of digital resources and fully customisable Skillsheets, WorkSheets and chapter tests.

Content highlights

An enhanced emphasis on both problem solving and reasoning, creating greater understanding of both mathematical concepts and skills

Worked solutions for all reasoning and problem-solving questions

Improvements to student engagement, with enhanced Individual Pathway activities for each sub-topic

Newly designed CAS calculator companions containing instructions and worked examples for both the Ti-Nspire & Casio Classpad

Engaging digital resources

New videos telling the ‘Story of Mathematics’ designed to engage your students

New interactivities to enrich the learning experience and improve learning outcomes for all students

Downloadable documents including worksheets designed for easy customisation and editing

Unique ICT-based projects that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork

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  • Digital Documents

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Jacaranda Mathematics 7-8 AC learnON

Developed specifically to exceed the aspirations of the Australian Curriculum Mathematics, Jacaranda Mathematics 7-8 AC learnON delivers the same quality content as eBookPLUS on the learnON platform for a better Mathematics learning experience.

The Teacher Edition includes assessment material (including two topic tests per topic) with solutions and a curriculum grid to assist teacher planning.

Jacaranda Mathematics 7-8 AC learnON comes with these powerful features out-of-the-box:
Everything in the one place

One-click access to theory, exposition, questions, answers, exemplary responses/solutions, assessments and results creates a seamless learning experience

Integrated media

Hundreds of videos and interactivities are embedded at the point of learning to support and enhance learning

Student visibility

A user-friendly dashboard and 360-degree view of progress and achievement levels give students immediate insights into their own performance and work habits

Immediate feedback

Worked solutions for every question and auto-marking of most questions mean students receive immediate feedback, their progress is tracked and teachers save time


Features such as highlighting, adding notes and creating favourites enable a completely personalised experience

Jacaranda Mathematics 7-8 AC learnON premium

Enjoy everything in Jacaranda Mathematics 7-8 AC learnON and these additional game-changing features:
Teacher visibility

Visibility into the performance of every student and continual access to all students’ activities provide evidence-based insights into students’ progress, engagement and understanding

Teacher feedback

Teachers can intervene at the right time by providing immediate and personalised feedback to students


For the first time, students are connected to every member of their class and their teacher for a virtual classroom experience

Premium customisation

From uploading their own resources, to creating assessments, changing marking schemes, assigning any part of the title, and even controlling access to collaboration, teachers can make each title their own

See the new Mathematics title in action

Click the buttons on the menu to cycle through each feature:

Embedded videos

Videos to address the most commonly held misconceptions are embedded at the point of learning

Integrated interactivities

Interactivities, including interactive worked examples with both Casio Classpad II and Ti-Nspire screens, are also embedded at the point of learning to deepen students’ understanding of key concepts

Built-in workboard

For the first time, each question includes a built-in workboard so students can explain their ideas, demonstrate their thinking and show their mathematical working

Worked solutions

Worked solutions for every question – which appear on the same screen as the question, answer and student working – enable students to rectify errors immediately and assist those who get 'stuck'


Auto-marking of most questions means students receive immediate feedback, their progress is tracked and teachers save a considerable amount of time

Teacher feedback

Teachers can provide feedback to individual questions and annotate students’ working on the workboard so students receive comments at the point of learning, and teachers can intervene at the right time


assessON Maths Quest 7-10A for the Australian Curriculum 2E

The perfect complement to the Maths Quest series, assessON is a powerful online assessment tool that enables students to complete and submit tests, homework tasks and practice exams online. Now, students can check their readiness to start a new topic, review their progress during the topic and check their achievement when you finish the topic.

With assessON Student Edition, students can:

Easily create assessment tasks for extra revision or test and exam practice

Answer a variety of question types, all of which are relevant to the subject

Receive instant feedback via automatic marking and worked solutions

View easy-to-follow reports to monitor their progress

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Teacher Edition

assessON Maths Quest 7-10A for the Australian Curriculum 2E

assessON Teacher Edition (which includes the Student Edition) is the teachers’ portal: an online assessment tool that is completed aligned to the Maths Quest series and designed to support assessments FOR, AS and OF learning in the context of Australian Curriculum Mathematics. NAPLAN practice tests for numeracy are also included for Years 7-9.

With assessON Teacher Edition, teachers can:

Set up classes and other groups

Schedule assessments, revision and homework tasks that are automatically marked and recorded

Track the progress and performance of students at the individual, group or whole class level

Identify individual student strengths and weaknesses

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SpyClass Maths Quest 7-8

Transport your students beyond the classroom into the fantastic world of SpyClass, the Mathematics game for Years 7 and 8. Featuring comic book-style art, SpyClass enables students to hone their problem-solving skills in an engaging and immersive environment. By completing tasks, students assist the games’ protagonists, three teenage spies named Dan, Jesse and Toby, to fulfil a range of missions set in exotic locations.

Extensively covers the curriculum and directly linked with Maths Quest 7-8

Every question provides opportunities for extension and revision

Caters for different learning styles and ability levels

Students are motivated to complete questions with the in-game reward system

Exportable summary sheets track student progress against the strands of the curriculum

Unique learning objects embedded in missions are provided for every chapter in the text

Media gallery

  • Curriculum-aligned learning

    curriculum based learning

    Extensively covers the Australian Curriculum and directly aligns with Maths Quest 7 and Maths Quest 8

  • A variety of missions

    Missions library

    Choose from a variety of missions, each with a unique learning objective

  • Rewards system

    Rewards system

    Students are motivated to complete questions in order to gain rewards

  • Engaging story and characters

    Engaging story

    Students are engaged by a visually stimulating narrative

  • Exportable summary sheets

    Exportable summary sheets

    Exportable summary sheets track student progress against the strands of the Australian and Victorian curricula

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Australian Curriculum Mathematics

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