Australian Curriculum:
Economics and Business

Jacaranda will be publishing new editions of Jacaranda Economics and Business Alive 7-10 for the Australian Curriculum in 2017 for use in 2018. The series will be available on learnON, the new digital learning platform from Jacaranda.

Trusted Economics and Business content delivered in new and better ways

The Jacaranda Economics and Business Alive series combines quality content, a “learning made visible” framework and an exciting new platform, providing new and better ways to dramatically improve teaching and learning.

The series will be available as digital-only, on a brand new eBook powered by learnON, the immersive digital learning platform that replaces eBookPLUS in 2018. learnON transforms trusted Jacaranda content to make learning more visible, personalised and social. For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and work programs—no separate eGuide purchase is required.

Content highlights

The updated Jacaranda Economics and Business Alive series provides 100% coverage of the Australian Curriculum for Economics and Business.



Opening videos for every topic bring Economics and Business alive

Highlighted key terms


Key terms are highlighted and defined when rolled over

Teacher support


Discrete sections of content and related activities assist in lesson planning

Comprehensive coverage


Coverage of the knowledge and skills students need to think critically and analyse the decision-making process

Engaging resources


Diverse range of weblinks and interactivities reinforce knowledge and engage students

An immersive experience


Reading content with integrated media provides a dynamic and uninterrupted learning experience

Platform highlights

Starting in 2018, all core curriculum titles for the Australian Curriculum in Years 7-10 will be delivered by learnON, the new immersive digital learning platform from Jacaranda that replaces eBookPLUS in 2018.

Jacaranda learnON transforms trusted Jacaranda content to make learning more visible, personalised and social. It has been developed to achieve the highest level of digital sophistication, while supporting a wide range of users from the digital novice to the digital expert. That’s why every title delivered by learnON comes with printables (PDFs) of the reading content and activities, as well as the opportunity for teachers to unlock premium features for their classes.*

All Jacaranda Economics and Business Alive titles powered by learnON comes with these powerful features out-of-the-box:

Everything in the one place, from theory to media, questions, answers and more, creates a seamless learning experience

Videos and interactivities embedded within the reading content, at the point of learning, support and enhance learning

Students gain visibility into their own performance via a user-friendly dashboard and on-demand reports

Customisation features such as highlighting, notes and favourites personalise the learning experience

Students receive immediate feedback via worked solutions and questions that are automatically marked

Teachers gain visibility into student performance with continual access to all students’ activities and results

Premium feature

Teachers can intervene at the right time by providing immediate and personalised feedback to students

Premium feature

Collaboration enables a virtual classroom experience as students are connected to their teacher and peers

Premium feature

Premium customisation enables teachers to upload their own resources, create and assign assessments, and more

Premium feature

*Premium features require certification by individual teachers. Certification (coming September 2017) will count towards Professional Development accreditation hours.

Learning made visible with learnON

All titles delivered by learnON align with the Jacaranda “learning made visible” framework.

This evidence-based pedagogical framework has been carefully constructed to make learning visible to students, teachers, schools and parents. At Jacaranda, we believe that making learning visible ensures that no student is left behind and no student is held back.

All Jacaranda Economics and Business Alive titles delivered by learnON provide:

Diagnosis – pre-test (for)

learnON includes a pre-test to determine students’ proficiency before they begin a new topic of study

Learning goals

Taken directly from the curriculum, learnON includes clear goals outlining what students will learn in each topic

Practice (as)

learnON enables practice through the completion of questions and particular activities, directly in the learnON platform

Rich instruction

learnON includes theories, worked examples, videos, interactivities, discussions, activities, group work, investigations, practical tasks and more


In learnON, students receive feedback from a number of sources including the platform (via worked solutions and auto-marked questions), their teacher or peers


With visibility of students’ results, teachers can easily identify less abled and/or weak performing students in learnON and provide remedial exercises

Acceleration (Vertical)

Teachers can accelerate students in learnON, assigning work beyond the level they are enrolled in (for example, giving a Year 7 student Year 8 work)

Extension (Horizontal)

learnON enables teachers to extend individuals or groups of students, providing work beyond the curriculum, including their own material


learnON provides opportunities for offline and online collaboration, from the entire title level down to the subtopic and even specific content level

End of topic formal test (of)

Teachers can use the quarantined topic tests in learnON as summative assessments, to be completed online or used as offline printable tests

Evaluation – post-test (of)

Used in conjunction with the pre-test, learnON includes a post-test to measure students’ achievement and improvement through the topic

Available titles

  • learnON

    Title: Jacaranda Economics & Business Alive 7 Australian Curriculum learnON
    ISBN:  9780730336754
    Author(s): Smithies and Richardson
    Publish date: November 2017
    RRP: $34.95
    Year: 7
    Delivery: Activation code

  • Table of Contents

    Jacaranda Economics and Business Alive 7 AC
    Chapter 1: Consumers and producers Chapter 3: Entrepreneurs and successful businesses
    Chapter 2: Individual and business planning Chapter 4: Working for a living

  • learnON

    Title: Jacaranda Economics & Business Alive 8 Australian Curriculum learnON
    ISBN:  9780730336761
    Author(s): Smithies and Richardson
    Publish date: November 2017
    RRP: $34.95
    Year: 8
    Delivery: Activation code

  • Table of Contents

    Jacaranda Economics and Business Alive 8 AC
    Chapter 1: The market system and government Chapter 4: Business decisions
    Chapter 2: Traditional indigenous markets Chapter 5: The changing work environment
    Chapter 3: Rights and responsibilities in the marketplace

  • learnON

    Title: Jacaranda Economics & Business Alive 9 Australian Curriculum learnON
    ISBN: 9780730346494
    Author(s): Smithies, Richardson and Rood
    Publish date: November 2017
    RRP: $34.95
    Year: 9
    Delivery: Activation code

  • learnON

    Title: Jacaranda Economics & Business Alive 10 Australian Curriculum learnON
    ISBN: 9780730346449
    Author(s): Phelan, Richardson and Rood
    Publish date: November 2017
    RRP: $34.95
    Year: 10
    Delivery: Activation code


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See the new Economics and Business Alive in action

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Embedded videos

Videos are embedded at the point of learning to allow students to gain an overview of each topic

Integrated interactivities

Interactivities are embedded at the point of learning to enhance student engagement

Exemplary responses

Exemplary responses supplied for every question – which appear on the same screen as the question and student response – enable students to immediately identify errors and assists those who get ‘stuck’


Auto-marking of selected questions means students receive immediate feedback, their progress is tracked and teachers save a considerable amount of time


Collaboration and discussion features are built in to facilitate discussion and debate

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