Introducing Jacaranda learnON

The immersive and flexible digital learning platform that transforms trusted Jacaranda content to make learning more visible, personalised and social.

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With learnON, everything is in the one and right place for a dynamic and uninterrupted learning experience.

Compare with eBookPLUS

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Support for all users on a single platform means simpler administration and the flexibility for individual teachers to move along the digital continuum at their own pace.

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Learning is made visible with learnON

Jacaranda have introduced the new Learning Made Visible Framework to all learnON titles. This evidence-based pedagogical framework has been carefully constructed to make learning visible to students, teachers, schools and parents. At Jacaranda, we believe that making learning visible ensures that no student is left behind and no student is held back.

The level of visibility the framework is able to provide can only be made possible by the learnON platform. All resources delivered by learnON include these 11 key learning phases:

Diagnosis – pre-test (for)

learnON includes a pre-test to determine students’ proficiency before they begin a new topic of study

Learning goals

Taken directly from the curriculum, learnON includes clear goals outlining what students will learn in each topic

Practice (as)

learnON enables practice through the completion of questions and particular activities, directly in the learnON platform

Rich instruction

learnON includes theories, worked examples, videos, interactivities, discussions, activities, group work, investigations, practical tasks and more


In learnON, students receive feedback from a number of sources including the platform (via worked solutions and auto-marked questions), their teacher or peers


With visibility of students’ results, teachers can easily identify less abled and/or weak performing students in learnON and provide remedial exercises

Acceleration (Vertical)

Teachers can accelerate students in learnON, assigning work beyond the level they are enrolled in (for example, giving a Year 7 student Year 8 work)

Extension (Horizontal)

learnON enables teachers to extend individuals or groups of students, providing work beyond the curriculum, including their own material


learnON provides opportunities for offline and online collaboration, from the entire title level down to the subtopic and even specific content level

End of topic formal test (of)

Teachers can use the quarantined topic tests in learnON as summative assessments, to be completed online or used as offline printable tests

Evaluation – post-test (of)

Used in conjunction with the pre-test, learnON includes a post-test to measure students’ achievement and improvement through the topic

Features fit for digital natives

Jacaranda learnON has been developed to achieve the highest level of digital sophistication, while supporting a wide range of users from the digital novice to the digital expert. That’s why every title delivered by learnON comes with printables (PDFs) of the reading content and activities.

Jacaranda learnON replaces eBookPLUS for select Years 7-10 titles across all curricula starting in 2017. Compare eBookPLUS and learnON to see the difference. All titles powered by learnON comes with these powerful features out-of-the-box:

Everything in the one place


Easy access to theory/reading content, media, questions, answers, solutions and more, creates a seamless learning experience

Integrated media


Hundreds of videos and interactivities are embedded at the point of learning (no more opening in a different browser tab!) to support and enhance learning

Student visibility


A user-friendly dashboard and 360-degree view of progress and achievement levels give students immediate insights into their own performance and work habits

Immediate feedback


Immediate feedback via auto-marked questions and worked solutions or exemplary responses help prevent the creation of misconceptions

Student customisation


Features such as highlighting, adding notes and creating favourites personalise the learning experience

Discussion widgets

Mimicking a typical classroom interaction, discussion widgets enable teachers to post a question or statement and students to respond and comment

Teachers have full visibility

jacaranda learnON class list

Teachers now have full visibility into their students results, which provide you with evidence-based insights into your students’ progress, engagement and understanding.

New feature

Coach your students

Teachers can answer questions and comments online, providing real-time feedback in assignments or assessments, and annotating students’ working via the workboard.

New feature

Connect with students

jacaranda learnON answer questions

For the first time, students are connected to every member of their class and their teacher, for a virtual classroom experience that extends beyond the bell.

New feature

Upload your resources

jacaranda learnON customisation

Teachers can upload their own resources, create assessments, change marking schemes, assign and control access to collaboration.

New feature

Manage your classes

Jacaranda learnON manage learnon classes tool

The NEW MANAGE learnON CLASSES Tool allows you to create classes, connect to students and add or remove students from learnON classes. Saving you time and giving you complete control.

New feature

learnON features in action

See what’s possible when teaching with a title on the learnON platform. Select the learnON features from the menu to cycle through them in detail.

Embedded videos

Videos are embedded at the point of learning to allow students to gain an overview of each topic

Integrated interactivities

Interactivities are embedded at the point of learning to enhance student engagement

Audio files

Audio files assist students with reading and understanding of excerpts

Visual glossary

Visual glossary links allow students to select a key geographical term to see the definition of the term and, where applicable, an image to help consolidate understanding of the term

Google Earth links

Google Earth links help students quickly and efficiently locate and interact with key places that are referenced in the text, from the Google Earth application

Built-in workboard

For the first time, each question includes a built-in workboard so students can explain their ideas, demonstrate their thinking and show their mathematical working

Practical Investigations

Student can access Practical Investigations online or as a Word document to suit a range of uses in the laboratory classroom

Worked solutions

Worked solutions for every question – which appear on the same screen as the question, answer and student working – enable students to immediately rectify errors and assist those who get ‘stuck’

Exemplary responses

Exemplary responses supplied – which appear on the same screen as the question and student working – enable students to immediately rectify errors and assist those who get ‘stuck’


Discussion widgets mimic a typical classroom discussion, enabling teachers to pose a specific question or statement, and students to provide their view point and comment on others’ responses


Auto-marking of most questions means students receive immediate feedback, their progress is tracked and teachers save a considerable amount of time


Collaboration and discussion features are built in to facilitate discussion and debate

Teacher feedback

Teachers can provide feedback to individual questions and annotate students’ working on the workboard so students receive comments at the point of learning, and teachers can intervene at the right time

Compare eBookPLUS and learnON

See the additional features and benefits you receive when you switch to learnON. Click each item to expand.
  • What students get

    eBookPLUS learnON
    Everything in the one place, from theory to media, questions, answers, results and more Not-available success
    Integrated videos and interactivities (no more opening in a different tab!) Cross success
    Visibility of their own progress and performance Cross success
    Immediate feedback and worked solutions/sample responses for every question Not-available success
    Exemplary responses for essay-type questions Not-available success
    The ability to highlight, add notes and create favourites to personalise the learning experience Not-available success
    Workboard to input handwritten or draw-like solutions (great for Mathematics!) success success
    Student-student and student-teacher collaboration success success

  • What teachers get

    eBookPLUS learnON
    The ability to provide immediate and personalised feedback to students Cross success
    Visibility of individual student and class progress and performance Cross success
    The flexibility to upload their own resources and assign them to students Cross success
    Quarantined assessment materials success success
    Curriculum mapping success success
    Work programs success success
    Quarantined assessment materials that can be assigned to students success success
    The ability to customise for differentiation (create groups and assign personalised activities) success success

  • Specifications

    eBookPLUS learnON
    Works on all platforms/OS success success
    Includes offline back-up success success


Available but inconsistent (e.g. some features, subjects or questions only)

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Master learnON for your classroom

We want to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to capitalise on the exciting features in Jacaranda learnON titles and help improve student outcomes. That’s why, we have introduced the Jacaranda learnON Masterclasses for teachers, a free resource that enables teachers to access training and practical tips for teaching with learnON.

Why use this resource?

It’s a great way to prepare for the new school year and to use as a practical reference tool year-round. Using the resource:

  • Ensures all schools, teachers and students can take advantage of the new and existing features, which have the potential to truly transform teaching and learning.
  • Equips teachers with the necessary training so they can confidently and independently use learnON.

How do I access the Masterclasses?

Jacaranda learnON Masterclasses for teachers is available to all teachers who activate a learnON title.

Jacaranda learnON Masterclasses for teachers

To start, log in to your bookshelf through your JacPLUS account and click on the thumbnail (see image on left) under the Academy – Jacaranda PD section. There are three topics in the course:

  • Topic 1 demonstrates how teachers can unlock the full potential of learnON. It contains many useful hints and tips about a diverse range of features and benefits and provides the opportunity to become certified learnON users.
  • Topic 2 provides subject-specific guidance on how to use learnON in the classroom. For example, how to use learnON to teach mathematics.
  • Topic 3 covers specific learnON features such as feedback, differentiation, results, reports, collaboration and customisation.

Click each topic below to view the full table of contents.

  • Topic 1: Unlock learnON premium features

    1.1 learnON certification module
    1.2 Navigating learnON
    1.3 Student view vs teacher view
    1.4 Assignments
    1.5 Assignment policies
    1.6 Custom question sets
    1.7 Customisation and collaboration
    1.8 Groups

  • Topic 2: Using learnON to teach

    2.1 Using learnON to teach Mathematics
    2.2 Using learnON to teach Science
    2.3 Using learnON to teach Humanities
    2.4 Using learnON to teach English
    2.5 Using learnON to teach Health and PE

  • Topic 3: Learning made visible

    3.1 Immediate feedback
    3.2 Teacher feedback
    3.3 Differentiation
    3.4 Tracking of student results
    3.5 Reports
    3.6 Collaboration
    3.7 Customisation
    3.8 Help

Other important details:

How long does certification take?

On average, the certification module will take teachers less than one hour to complete.

Will certification count towards Professional Development hours?


I’ve previously used learnON should I complete the Masterclasses?

Yes. The Masterclasses include information about how to use the additional premium features that have been included free across all Jacaranda learnON titles.

How to I access and use the NEW Manage learnON Classes Tool?

Teachers who register a learnON code onto their JacPLUS bookshelf will automatically gain access to the Manage learnON Classes Tool. Login to your JacPLUS account and on your bookshelf and you will see a new MANAGE learnON CLASSES button. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create a learnON class click here.

Jacaranda learnON manage learnon classes

Additional features you’ll receive free in 2018

We are pleased to provide all teachers using a learnON title in 2018 with free access to additional premium features. These features allow teachers and students from the same class to be connected creating a virtual learning environment. With these features Teachers can:

Premium features open up more advanced functionality and even more possibilities. Teachers can:

  See their students


With full visibility into the progress and performance of every student, as well as continual access to all students’ activities. teachers have access to evidence-based insights into students’ progress, engagement and understanding.


  • Teachers can track every student and intervene at the right time
  • Enables the early diagnosis of learning abilities to facilitate differentiation

  Coach their students


Teachers can provide meaningful feedback to students by directly answering questions and comments online, providing real-time feedback in assignments or assessments, and annotating students’ working via the workboard.


  • Teachers can intervene at the right time
  • Answers and solutions are provided for students who get ‘stuck’ on questions

  Connect to students


For the first time, students are connected to every member of their class and their teacher, for a virtual classroom experience that extends beyond the bell.


  • Students receive just-in-time help from peers and their teacher
  • Inspires independence to remove the burden of the teacher being the only expert

  Customise each title


A fully flexible platform, teachers can upload their own resources, create assessments, change marking schemes, assign any part of the title and even control access to collaboration.


  • Teachers can adapt to their needs and preferences
  • Flexibility ensures the diverse needs of individual students and classes are met

  Manage your learnON classes

Jacaranda learnON manage learnon classes tool

The NEW MANAGE learnON CLASSES Tool allows you to create classes, connect to students and add or remove students from learnON classes at any time. For instructions on how to use this tool please view our step-by-step instructions here.


  • Teachers have complete control over the management of their learnON classes
  • Saves teachers time by allowing them to add, remove and edit students within their learnON classes at any-time

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