reasons why learnON 
delivers the best experience
for teachers and students

The immersive and flexible digital learning platform that transforms trusted Jacaranda content to make learning more visible, personalised and social.



Increased student engagement

A media-rich environment brings concepts to life and the opportunity to collaborate with peers and teachers makes learning communal, social and more fun!


Visibility across all aspects of learning

Both students and teachers have complete visibility of performance and progress, including time spent, participation and achievement, as well as a complete record of student responses and working.
User-friendly dashboard

Students gain insights into their performance and work habits

Assessment results

An online environment means live updates to performance results

Early intervention

lo_see_studentsTeachers can easily track classroom and individual student performance

Personalised feedback

lo_coachTeachers can annotate students’ working via the workboard



Early intervention

Personalised feedback from teachers at an individual question level, answers and exemplary responses, and evidence-based insights mean that student misconceptions are remedied quickly and teachers can intervene at the right time.


Flexibility to customise

Teachers can adapt the resource to meet the diverse needs of individual students and classes, and even upload their own materials and create customised question sets that can be assigned to students.



Teachers save time thanks to questions that are automatically marked, student-student collaboration and one-click access to everything they need.


Greater student independence

Visibility into their own performance, access to answers and worked solutions/exemplary responses for every question, and collaboration with peers inspire student independence and greater accountability for their own learning.
360-degree view of progress

Students have complete visibility of their own performance

Worked solutions

Worked solutions for every question help students understand concepts

Student-student collaboration

For the first time, students are connected to their peers and their teacher

Exemplary responses

Exemplary responses for essay-type questions help students who get ‘stuck’



A dynamic learning environment

Students and teachers enjoy the benefits of an online environment including embedded media, the ability to provide immediate feedback, collaboration, live updates to performance results, the ability to share files among the class and more.

*Premium features require certification by individual teachers. Certification (coming September 2017) will count towards Professional Development accreditation hours.