Frequently asked questions

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Features and benefits

  • Where does the content in learnON come from?

    The content in learnON has been adapted from Jacaranda’s trusted and well-known titles, including popular series such as Maths Quest, Science Quest, History Alive, Geography Alive and many others. This means that teachers and students enjoy the same high quality content as in our familiar eBookPLUS and print formats but delivered on the immersive learnON platform for a better learning experience.

  • Does learnON include formal assessment?

    Yes. Each title provides formal assessment opportunities, including quarantined questions, and with learnON premium, teachers can also assign any component (e.g. theory, interactivities, videos, etc.) to students and track for completion.

  • Does learnON come with teacher resources?

    Yes. Teachers have access to additional features such as topic tests and curriculum grids that are not available to students.

  • Can I mark my students’ work in learnON and give them feedback?

    Yes. Many questions are automatically marked, so students receive immediate feedback, their progress is tracked and teachers save a considerable amount of time. In addition, with learnON premium, teachers can input their own marks for short answer questions, essay responses, etc. and provide feedback for every question the student completes right from the student’s answer.

  • Can I upload my own files to learnON?

    Yes. Teachers can easily upload files (e.g. Word documents, PDFs, etc.) via My Resources in the Resources section of the title and choose where students access the files from within the title.

  • Can students upload files to learnON?

    Yes. With learnON premium, students can share files (e.g. weblinks, Word documents, PDFs, etc.) via the Course Stream.

  • Can I share resources with other teachers in learnON?

    Yes. With learnON premium, teachers can share resources that they upload and custom created assessments with other teachers. This feature will be introduced in mid-2016 and available for school year 2017.

  • I don’t want my students to be able to collaborate. What can I do?

    With learnON premium, teachers can easily control collaboration (turn it on/off) via My course settings. They can also choose to have different settings for each class that they teach.

  • I don’t teach a particular section. What can I do?

    With learnON premium, teachers can easily hide topics as needed within each title by customising their learning path via My course settings.

  • Does learnON enable the use of a range of teaching strategies?

    The learnON platform provides opportunities for teachers to implement flexible pedagogies including, but not limited to, a constructivist approach, a flipped classroom approach or a more traditional approach.

  • Does learnON include digital-first products (e.g. assessON, SpyClass, Knowledge Quest, etc.)?

    Yes, digital-first resources are available in the Jacaranda Bundle with learnON. They are accessed from the JacPLUS bookshelf, same as the individual titles on the learnON platform. References to the digital-first resources are included throughout each title as appropriate.

  • I’m interested in learnON. What should I do next?

    To find out more about learnON as information becomes available, simply fill out the form for the title that you are interested in (available for 2017 Victorian Curriculum 7-10 and Australian Curriculum 7-8). In coming weeks, we will make self-evaluation tools available to you. We are also able to arrange in-person demonstrations for your department and/or school – let us know here.
    Please note that there is no commitment to purchase by filling out the form.

Pricing and availability

  • What subjects are available on learnON?

    Titles across a range of Years 7-10 subjects are available on the learnON platform, including Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, English, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business and Health and Physical Education. Currently, learnON can be purchased for Victorian Curriculum Years 7-10 and Australian Curriculum Years 7-10 (select subjects only).

  • Are you writing separate resources for each of the states?

    At present, learnON is written for the Victorian Curriculum (coming 2017) and the Australian Curriculum but can be used in almost all states. We will be publishing for other state-specific curriculums in the future.

  • How much does learnON cost?

    Jacaranda is committed to providing affordable solutions that meet the needs of all students and parents. Available as a single title or bundle across eight subjects – for even greater value for money – learnON is tailored to suit each school’s requirements. To discuss pricing options, simply fill out the form for the title that you are interested in and a Jacaranda Sales Consultant will contact you within three business days.


  • How is learnON different to eBookPLUS?

    eBookPLUS is an electronic version of the textbook that includes a targeted range of supporting resources, including worksheets designed for easy customisation and editing (such as Word, Excel or PDF documents), and links to engaging video clips, interactivities, games and relevant support material on the internet that open as a new tab in your browser.
    learnON is a truly immersive digital learning platform that provides everything from theory, exposition, questions, answers, exemplary responses/solutions, pre and post assessments and results, in an online environment. It includes all resources from eBookPLUS, plus many more. Multimedia such as video, audio and interactivities are embedded at the point of learning to provide a seamless learning environment.
    Harnessing the full power of online learning, each title on the learnON platform includes features that are only available with a connection to the internet, such as full visibility of student progress and performance, the ability for teachers to provide immediate feedback to students, collaboration (student-to-student, student-to-teacher and teacher-to-student), the flexibility for teachers to upload their own resources and the ability for teachers to assign any component of the title and track for completion.

  • When I buy learnON for my subject, do I still get an eBookPLUS?

    No, learnON replaces the eBookPLUS for each subject.


  • What types of schools can use learnON?

    learnON is suitable for all types of schools (government, independent, religious) and book systems (booklist, bookhire, class set).

  • How do I know if my school is ready for learnON?

    There are two versions of learnON to suit all stages of a school’s digital learning journey.
    In our experience, all schools can take their digital resources to the next level with learnON. Each title provides powerful features out-of-the-box such as: everything in the one place, embedded videos and interactivities, visibility of student progress and achievement, auto marking and worked solutions, and the ability to highlight, add notes and create favourites.
    The schools that can easily and quickly take advantage of the advanced features and functionality of learnON premium are those that have overcome the immediate challenges around transitioning to digital resources and are now seeking improved teacher-student engagement. This means that a school must have a vision for digital learning and the necessary infrastructure, support and other resources in place (or plans to get there). The school culture goes beyond seeing the potential for technology to transform teaching and learning, to encouraging its daily use.
    Still, both versions of learnON makes it easy to scale up or down, depending on individual needs and/or comfort level. For schools just starting out, begin with familiar features such as in the eBookPLUS and add in newer or the more advanced features of learnON premium over time.

  • What do I need to use learnON?

    To use learnON in the classroom, each student and teacher will need modern hardware, an up-to-date internet browser and a good internet connection.

  • Is it available on iPad, Android Tablet, PC and/or Mac?

    Yes, learnON works on any modern hardware.

Training and support

  • Is learnON easy to use?

    Yes, learnON and learnON premium are designed to be intuitive to all learners. With minimal training, both teachers and students can confidently navigate and use each title on the learnON platform.
    In addition to ongoing training and support, each title includes walk-through tutorials (appearing as interactive tip-balloons overlaid on the screen) that guide users through specific tasks step-by-step and in real time. This feature will be introduced in mid-2016 and available for school year 2017.

  • Do you provide training and support?

    Yes, training is provided and customised to each school’s needs.
    A variety of ongoing support options are available to learnON customers, including in person, over the telephone, by email and online (self-help articles and videos). Walk-through tutorials are also available directly from the title.

Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Can I access learnON from my school’s existing LMS?

    No, each title on the learnON platform is accessed from the JacPLUS bookshelf.

  • Can I add results from learnON to my school’s existing LMS?

    Yes. Teachers can export reports in an Excel-friendly format and upload them to their school’s existing LMS.

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