Growing school with a strong digital vision goes 1:1 across all year levels

 School information:

Warnambool, VIC
Government, co-educational
1,200+ students across Years 7-12


Emmanuel College has been educating students for almost 145 years. Already with 175 staff and 1,200+ students, it is slowly growing, and projected to hit 1,500 students in the future.


Peter Morgan, Emmanuel College Principal, understood the importance of providing students with equal access to technology but it was a challenge given a limited budget and no government funding.


In school year 2014, Emmanuel College introduced a 1:1 program for all students across Years 7-12. At the same time, the school rolled out the Jacaranda Digital Bundle for students in Years 7-10.


For Peter, Emmanuel College has achieved the goal he set at the beginning of the program: to provide equal access to digital resources for all students, both in the classroom and at home.

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‘I felt that it was very important that we move our teaching and learning approaches into a much more technology-rich, digital space and we’ve done that.’

Peter Morgan

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