High performing school rolls out a BYOD program to help achieve its vision

School information:

Sydney, NSW
Independent boys school (Years 7-9) and co-educational school (Years 10-12)
2,000+ students across K-12


Barker College is an independent, Anglican day and boarding school for Pre-Kindergarten up to Year 12 located in the north of Sydney with a large population of more than 2,000 students.


With a plan for students to bring devices firmly in place, Keith Vallis, Director of Curriculum – ICT, had another pressing need to address: good quality content.


Alongside the new BYOD program, Barker College introduced the Jacaranda Digital Bundle for Year 7 students in the 2014 school year.


Barker College is set to expand the program to Years 7-10 in 2016. NAPLAN achievement levels not only continue to meet the high standards that stakeholders expect, but grow year-over-year as well.

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‘Critical for us was the ability to build and lean on a strong relationship with Jacaranda and take advantage of what they offer in terms of training and support.’

Keith Vallis
Director of Curriculum – ICT

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