Jacaranda School Management Portal

Empowering school administrators

The Jacaranda School Management Portal provides a central hub for school administrators to manage Jacaranda Digital Bundle user accounts. It is accessed via the JacarandaPLUS bookshelf and consists of three modules: Jacaranda Dashboard, Accounts Manager and Account Documentation.


What’s included

In addition to the Jacaranda Dashboard, the School Management Portal provides access to:

Accounts Manager

This section provides administrator access to all users linked to their school for class and account management.

What features are included in the Accounts Manager?

Manage teacher and student account details

  • Basic account information (name, email etc.)
  • Basic user password reset
  • School details (role, year level etc.)
  • View active titles on bookshelf

Manage digital-first connections — by teacher, by student and by product

  • Connect, disconnect, transfer and copy user connections


Account Documentation

This section contains key documentation, resources and support materials needed by the school for a smooth implementation and ongoing support of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle.

What will be included?
  • Adoption summary
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Links to account request forms
  • Links to online support portal (
  • Implementation checklists
  • Adoption rollover checklists
  • Any other relevant links and documents