Jacaranda Digital Bundle
for the Australian Curriculum

It’s easy to achieve equity for students with the Jacaranda Digital Bundle. This high-value package for Years 7-10 provides a complete suite of premium learning resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device, directly from the JacarandaPLUS online portal.



A high-value package

The Jacaranda Digital Bundle includes 15 curriculum-aligned digital resources across nine core subjects. It is available for the Australian Curriculum and comes in three different formats.


< Jacaranda Digital Bundle with learnON for Year 7 shown


Achieve equity for all students

Available at a fraction of the cost of individual purchases, the Jacaranda Digital Bundle unlocks the full potential of learning through technology.

Jacaranda learnON Mathematics for Year 8 shown >

Why choose the Jacaranda Digital Bundle?

Value for money

Combining nine core curriculum titles and six companion resources in a single purchase, schools and parents enjoy unmatched value for money

Measurable success

The highly visual Jacaranda Dashboard presents powerful analytics in a user-friendly way so schools can see how their students are progressing

Straightforward implementation

With experience setting up bundle solutions in 160+ schools, Jacaranda fosters a collaborative process to streamline implementation

A smooth start

Onboarding is a breeze, thanks to account setup before school starts, customised training and a School Management Portal for easy administration

Peace of mind

The stable JacarandaPLUS platform – with 1,000,000+ users and a consistent 99.97% uptime rate – means more focus on teaching and less on technology

Ongoing support

A variety of ongoing support options are available exclusively to bundle customers, including in person, telephone, email and online (self-help articles and videos)

Three bundles to choose from

The Jacaranda Digital Bundle includes access to nine core curriculum titles and six complementary resources. Click here to discover what’s inside. Depending on the year level, titles are available in up to three formats to suit all stages of a school’s digital learning journey.

What format is right for your school?

 Format eBookPLUS learnON learnON premium
 What is it? The familiar eBook Jacaranda’s immersive new eBook, launched in 2017 Everything in learnON plus 24/7 student-teacher connection to provide advanced features
 Who is it for? Schools starting their digital learning journey and those that are comfortable using the current eBookPLUS Schools starting their digital learning journey and those that are comfortable using eBookPLUS, but appreciate a more seamless learning experience Schools that want to take their digital learning to the next level
 Availability Years 7-10 Years 7-8 only Years 7-8 only
 Features eBookPLUS includes an electronic version of the textbook plus a range of additional digital resources, such as:

  • videos that engage students and bring key concepts to life
  • interactivities that enhance understanding through hands-on experience
  • links to relevant support material on the internet
  • downloadable documents, spreadsheets, presentation files and worksheets for easy customisation and editing
  • unique online projects that provide opportunities to work with other students and improve research skills
learnON includes these powerful features out-of-the-box:

  • everything in the one place, from theory to media, questions, answers, solutions and more, creates a seamless learning experience
  • videos and interactivities embedded within the reading content, at the point of learning, support and enhance learning
  • students gain visibility into their own performance via a user-friendly dashboard and on-demand reports
  • customisation features such as highlighting, notes and favourites personalise the learning experience
  • students receive immediate feedback via worked solutions and auto-marking and teacher save time
learnON premium includes all the benefits of learnON plus additional game-changing features activated for every teacher and student:

  • teachers gain visibility into student performance with continual access to all students’ activities
  • immediate and personalised feedback to students means teachers can intervene at the right time
  • collaboration provides a virtual classroom experience by connecting students to their teacher and peers
  • premium customisation enables teachers to upload their own resources, create and assign assessments, and more

Want to explore Jacaranda’s immersive new eBook?

Discover what’s inside

Nine titles across core subjects

Jacaranda learnON titles for Year 7 shown below >

Six digital-first products

Knowledge Quest


Knowledge Quest is an online English skills game that improves students’ grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Explore Knowledge Quest >>

Spy Class


SpyClass combines comic book-style art with problem-based learning to help students improve key Mathematical skills required in the curriculum.

Explore SpyClass >>

assessON Maths Quest

assessON Maths Quest tracks Mathematics students’ readiness FOR learning, their progress AS they learn and their levels OF achievement.

Explore assessON Maths Quest >>

assessON Science Quest

assessON Science Quest enables Science students to complete and submit online assessments with automatic feedback, homework tasks and practice exams.

Explore assessON Science Quest >>

myWorld Atlas


myWorld Atlas combines the content of the iconic Jacaranda Atlas with the latest online technology to instantly engage students and bring Geography to life.

Explore myWorld Atlas >>

myWorld History Atlas


myWorld History Atlas features a 3D globe and interactive timeline that enable students to explore amazing historical locations throughout time.

Explore myWorld History Atlas >>

Jacaranda School Management Portal

Empowering school administrators

The Jacaranda School Management Portal provides a central hub for school administrators to manage Jacaranda Digital Bundle user accounts. It is accessed via the JacarandaPLUS bookshelf and consists of three modules: Jacaranda Dashboard, Accounts Manager and Account Documentation.

With the Jacaranda Dashboard you can see student performance and progress

Schools have visibility into the digital footprints left by teachers and students with the Jacaranda Dashboard, which provides a high-level view of students’ engagement, access and results within the Jacaranda learning ecosystem. Accessed via the School Management Portal, the Jacaranda Dashboard features a highly visual interface that is quick to access and easy to understand.


  • Discover how much students and teachers are interacting with the resources in the bundle.
  • Earn Engagement Points every day and see how your school’s Engagement Score grows week to week.
  • Filter by learning area or year level to see its contribution towards the overall score.


  • Gain insights into student usage behaviour by tracking their active participation.
  • Compare access inside and outside of school hours for a clear picture of when students are accessing resources.
  • Identify the extent of activity at each year level.


  • View the average results of your students by year level. Available for Mathematics and English only.
  • Devise early intervention strategies to support student learning using evidence-based insights.
  • Filter by learning area or year level to see its contribution towards the overall score.

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