2017 VCE changes: what do they mean for teachersWe’re finally nearing the end of the 2016 schooling year! This time of year is always an emotional one for Year 12 students across the country as their schooling life comes to an end. As we all know, it’s also a very big moment for them as they prepare to face their final assessments for the year: exams. We’ve already gone over how to help students prepare for exams so let’s instead take a look at what teachers will be facing in the next few weeks.

In Victoria, changes to the Study Design continue in 2017, with Business Management, Economics and Physical Education taking center stage. With the previous Study Design updated more than five years ago, these VCE teachers will be especially under the pump as they prepare for next year. In particular, they may need to choose new resources that align with the new Study Design.

To help teachers effectively prepare and finalise their resourcing decisions, Jacaranda has created a teacher’s guide for those subjects that can expect significant change in 2017. Each guide provides:

  • A summary of the key changes that all teachers must implement
  • Breakdown of the units and areas of study for each subject
  • Overview of Jacaranda’s approach to the changes
  • A list of the features and benefits for the new series

The guides are free and there’s no registration required so download yours today:

What about students?

In Victoria, while the English exam (held towards the end of October) is widely considered the start of the exam season, exams are already well underway by the time we get to the 26th. In fact, VCE exams have already started! From the 3rd of October until the 25th, performance and language examinations are holding their practical and oral components. After the English exam on the 26th, there is a three week period where all other subjects will have their written exams so by the 16th of November, all Year 12 VCE students will be done!

Students in NSW, on the other hand, start and finish their exams at earlier dates. The HSC English exam was held last week on Thursday the 13th so students are well into the swing of things. They can look forward to their last exam on Friday the 4th of November.

Jacaranda wishes all VCE/HSC students the best of luck for their upcoming exams!

If you are a VCE Business Management, Economics or Physical Education teacher, we hope the teacher’s guides are useful. Let us know in the comments how you go with preparing for the new Study Design next year.