learnON premium user? How to set yourself up for successLast week, we shared tips to help learnON customers get ready for 2017 so this week, we’re looking at learnON premium. This version gives you everything in learnON, plus more features for schools that already have experience with digital learning and want to take it to the next level. With 24/7 connection between students and teachers, you can expect a more social, personalised and effective teaching and learning experience.

Excited? Start with these easy steps now to ensure a smooth and stress-free kick off to 2017.

1) Understand how learnON premium can improve students’ learning

Before we get into the features exclusive to learnON premium, you might want to review our post for learnON first since many of the features are the same between the two versions.

Once you have a general understanding of the platform, the key difference to note with learnON premium is the 24/7 online connection that exists between students and teachers. Having the entire class in the same learnON environment introduces exciting new possibilities to dramatically change education for the better.

Let’s look at a few specific examples:

For the first time, students can collaborate with each other and their teacher 24/7 inside and outside the classroom, at the point of learning; not only does this create more engagement, but students can help each other, which relieves the teacher from being the only expert.

learnON premium_Geography_collaboration_at_the_point_of_learning


Teachers can assign any part of the resource, from reading content to media and specific questions, and track completion rates for individual students. Marks for tests are also recorded automatically in their markbook.

learnON premium_History_teacher_assignments


A dashboard showing results means that students can track their own progress and teachers can monitor all class results and student activities, down to a particular question within an assignment.

learnON premium_Science_visibility_of_classroom_results


Armed with insights, teachers can easily create groups of students based on their abilities to facilitate differentiation and early intervention.

learnON premium_Health and PE_teachers_create_groups_for_differentiation


In addition to instant feedback, teachers can provide personalised feedback to students for specific questions, either within assignments or assessments; a workboard for each question enables hand-written comments or drawings.

learnON premium_Mathematics_teachers_provide_personalised_feedback


Now that you know what you can look forward to, here are a few actions you can take before the school holidays to make sure you’re ready for 2017.

2) Log in early to make sure your technology works from Day 1

To help you transition to this new eBook, below is a handy checklist for the first time you access learnON premium. We recommend you start by completing the steps for learnON and then move on to this list, which focuses exclusively on learnON premium. If possible, do this before school holidays so you’re comfortable right from Day 1 of Term 1.

  • Know where to find your class list. Go to the main menu and select My Reports > Completion Report. Once school starts and your students open their titles, their names will appear in this list. If there’s nothing there yet, this likely means that your class list hasn’t been provided to Jacaranda so get in touch with your school contact to get this organised. You won’t be able to enjoy all the benefits of learnON premium until your class list has been provided.
  • Set up your markbook by following these step-by-step instructions.
  • Turn your collaboration settings on or off. Click here for step-by-step instructions for how to change your settings, and what the different options mean for your classroom.
  • Customise each eBook to adapt to your personal preferences and teaching methodology. If you want to:
  • Change your avatar, go to your account settings and select My profile.
  • Customise the learning path, go to My course settings and select the Custom option under Study Plan.
  • Upload your own resources, go to the main menu and select Resources > My resources.

We’re also producing a few quick ‘how to’ videos on the basics of getting started and assignments so watch for these in January 2017.

Last step coming up: having a list of support options at the ready, on the chance that you need it.

3) Know where to get help

learnON is as easy to use as the current eBookPLUS but just in case you need help along the way, here are a few options to keep in mind:

That’s it! You should have everything you need to successfully get started with learnON and learnON premium. We know it’s difficult to find the time to start planning for next year, but our hope is that these easy steps help you end 2016 with the confidence and knowledge to ensure a smooth start to 2017.