eBookPLUS vs. Jacaranda’s new learnON eBook: A comparisonBy know you already know that Jacaranda is rolling out brand new Victorian Curriculum editions across all core curriculum subjects. What’s more, the new content will be delivered on learnON, a brand new eBook platform that represents the biggest upgrade to the Jacaranda digital product suite since first launching eBookPLUS in 2008! Needless to say, this is an exciting change but what exactly can teachers and students expect? To start, learnON is as easy to use as the current eBookPLUS but provides a much better learning and teaching experience. There are two versions to suit the needs of different schools:

  • For schools starting their digital learning journey and those that are comfortable using eBookPLUS but appreciate a more seamless learning experience, learnON is Jacaranda’s immersive new eBook
  • For schools that want to take their digital learning to the next level, learnON premium includes everything in learnON plus teachers and students are connected 24/7 for real-time collaboration and personalised feedback

If you’re a Victorian teacher upgrading to learnON next year, here’s an in-depth comparison chart so you can see what new and improved features you can look forward to in 2017. Print customers also receive an activation code for learnON so this information is for everyone.

What students get

eBookPLUS learnON learnON premium
Everything in the one place, from theory to media, questions, answers, results and more   Not available  Tick  Tick
Integrated videos and interactivities (no more opening in a different tab! Play in-situ at the point of learning)  Cross  Tick  Tick
Visibility of their own progress and performance  Cross  Tick  Tick
Immediate feedback and worked solutions/sample responses for every question to help understand concepts  Not available  Tick  Tick
Exemplary responses for essay-type questions  Not available  Tick  Tick
The ability to highlight, add notes and create favourites to personalise the learning experience  Not available  Tick  Tick
Workboard to input handwritten or hand-drawn answers and solutions (great for Mathematics!)  Cross  Tick  Tick
Student-student and student-teacher collaboration  Cross  Cross  Tick

 Not availableAvailable but inconsistent (e.g. some features, subjects or questions only)


What teachers get

eBookPLUS learnON learnON premium
The ability to provide immediate and personalised feedback to students  Cross  Cross  Tick
Visibility of individual student and class progress and performance  Cross  Cross  Tick
The flexibility to upload their own resources and assign them to students  Cross  Cross  Tick
Quarantined assessment materials  Tick  Tick  Tick
Curriculum mapping  Tick  Tick  Tick
Work programs  Tick  Tick  Tick
Quarantined assessment materials that can be assigned to students  Cross  Cross  Tick
The ability to customise for differentiation (create groups and assign personalised activities)  Cross  Cross  Tick


eBookPLUS learnON learnON premium
Works on all platforms/OS  Tick  Tick  Tick
Includes offline back-up  Tick  



Hopefully the above helps to paint a clearer picture of the differences between eBookPLUS and learnON but if you have any questions, let us know in the comments. To see your subject in the live learnON environment, check out the tour here.